March Movements

We have started doing some group trail runs on Saturday mornings, along the canal.  Being that it was low 80s this weekend, perhaps 9:00am wasn't early enough (haha).  I almost died on this one.  It was terribly hard in that direct sunlight, but the company was excellent.
I bought a new pouch to carry my new phone because my phone is HUGE (and equally as awesome as it is large).  The belt itself is elastic, and the pouch is waterproof.  I hardly knew it was there.  Definitely recommend it.  I have been carrying a handheld water bottle, but when it gets hot out I carry water on my belt because I prefer the weight on my hips.  (I don't think I could race with a handheld.  Sometimes they throw me off my groove.)
Amphipod AirFlow Lite Waistpack Holders
We stopped under an overpass to stretch.  I think they thought I was kind of ridiculous for wanting to stop a couple miles in, but I have to stretch after I warm up or my shin (slash entire lower body) gets angry.  I think it makes a world of difference.  Meet Joey and Courtney.  

Joey works with Ben and has started running with Racelab.  He's running the Disney 1/2 this summer too!
The trails are perfect for running and have quite a few people on them (we even passed people on horses) but I would never run them alone.
We took a visit to our new home (maybe ours).  Even though we can't make a decision until the appraisal comes in this week, we keep visiting it.  It has been vacant for quite some time, and it sure looks every bit vacant that it kind of worries us.  It's a safe area, but you never know.  Something about signs in the windows and garbage everywhere screams COME VANDALIZE ME.  We have already videoed every bit of it inside and out, but let's get the show on the road already... let's move in, or move on!!  

But for now, we're instructed to "think about baseball" for the next couple of days.  I don't even really like baseball that much.  Maybe shoes.
I just discovered the social world of Instagram (find me bisto84).  I've been on it for a little while, but had it set to private and just used it for quick editing, but just now realized that it's actually a lot of fun to interact on.
I posted this pic on Instagram earlier this week.  One night we heard helicopters overhead that wouldn't go away, so I peaked out and saw one circling right above with its spotlight.  Um...creepy.  Next day Ben went to go to work and came upon this, two spots away from his truck parked.
Somebody drunk over shot the left hand turn, jumped the wall, went through the fence and landed on the white car.  Then he either drove or ran away, we don't know the exact deets.  Anyways, crazy.  

The weird thing is they didn't look up the white car's plates and go notify her that her car was totaled, but rather let her just discover it the next morning on her own.  "Oh...just going to tee dah...tomorrow is Friday... couldn't be bett...OMG MY CAR!!"  Pretty messed up.  Ben felt terrible for her.  I guess she just paid it off!  But nobody was injured, thankfully.

You can see tired marks almost four feet up on this pole.  My question is, how did this guy miss the cact...i?  Thank goodness, though, because utilizing my cactus knowledge, that big one is over a hundred years old.
See. . .
Lastly, our sunset was beautiful tonight.  I kind of panic when it's the perfect shot because I know it'll be gone before I get my tripod out.  Thank goodness Ben is a master at fast-tripod-putting-upping.  Check it out:
Have a great week.  Congrats to all our Phoenix Marathon friends!!


  1. ha ha That is a good question! I am not a garden expert but I know that squash and tomatoes seem to do well, and that now is the time to plant! My Mother-in-law is always successful with lettuce, spinach, peppers, radishes, and I have heard corn does well also. Sorry I am not more of an expert!!

  2. WOW, that is crazy!!!Thankfully nobody got injured, but it is still messed up!