Well we're "Under Contract."

Well we are officially under contract with this home we've been trying to buy, as of today.  Whilst this should be happy news, it's more or less just stressful news.  We are trying to get the appraiser out there asap, which will be the biggest determining factor for us.
The owners accepted our offer midst multiple offers, months ago, for the exact listed amount.  A month later the bank countered back a whopping $75,000 more, and we were able to get them down $40,000 from that ridiculous number, to a slightly less ridiculous number.  This house isn't big, but big enough I don't think we'd outgrow it, so we really, really want it.

At the time we believed the house would appraise for less, which in many cases the bank often comes down in price, or we have the option to cancel our contract if they won't.
Well fast forward some time and many sales in the neighborhood later, now the home might actually appraise for that "slightly less ridiculous number," making it not ridiculous any longer.  The market is different now than it was when we started looking.
Though we love this house to PIECES, we've been adamant from day one to walk if we got to a certain number (never really thinking we'd get there).  And if we buy it at this price, then there goes our slush fund to immediately change the yellow.  lol  (Priorities people.)  And looks like I'll just have to lay out in the pool with a hose spraying me or something.
All we can do is pray about it, hurry up and wait, and be ready to make a decision.  Hopefully by Thursday or Friday of next week we will be so incredibly excited, or we will start afresh and never invest our time in a short sale, regardless of the amazing-ness of a house.  Shoulda listened to our Realtor.  :P
Frustration levels in home shopping:
In awesome news, however, it's FRIDAY.  And Fridays are always great, and lunch date days.  We are blessed.  Have a great weekend!

50 days until SLC!  There is still time to train!  These are the new medals for the 10th anniversary:


  1. LOVE the house and I'll keep my fingers and toes cross that all works out at the end! My fiance bought a foreclosure house and it went fast, he was willing to pay the price they wanted and he moved in within 1 month.

  2. Beautiful house! Hoping and praying for you guys! I know how frustrating it can be (from friends experience). Good luck in SLC! I have some friends running it!