2 Days to SL

A lot has gone on over the past couple of busy weeks, but today we head up to SLC for the marathon so it will have to wait longer.

We will be running for Boston.  This is my sister's cute race shirt she made that I stole from FB.
The forecast has changed every day for the past few days, but currently we are looking at rain.  Just lovely.
Racing this year:
Dad- FULL (dealing with knee trouble)
Jolie- FULL and partially injured (IT band)
Ben- 1/2
Christy- 1/2
James- 1/2
Dad and Jolie are going to just play it as it goes with their IT bands, and walk if it becomes required.  This is their first full!!  They will rock it!!

On the house front, we finally decided on paint colors last night.  That took forever.  Ben has re-textured the walls, prepped all the crown and baseboards, so next we get to paint!  (And my mother is visiting this week!)
Moving in three weeks.

See you all at 4500 feet!


  1. Have a great time. Sorry about the rain but I will take the rain over the heat any day! Looks like the house is coming along great!

  2. I love the shirt that your sister designed!! Sorry to hear about the rain, but have a great time!

  3. Looks great!!Can't wait to see pictures once you are in. We both have exciting things coming up! I guess MAy is a fantastic month!!!