Assorted April

We finally signed our closing docs on our adorable home!!  It has been an adventure.  We thought the deal was totally dead at least twice, but somehow it came back together.  I credit our awesome Realtor for helping us immensely, and for his aggressiveness when it was needed.   It took us eight months, but I think it'll be worth it now that we found this beauty.
We'll get our keys after it records, probably tomorrow!  Meanwhile... waiting kind of totally blows.  :P
With the whole short sale craziness, we never had a scheduled closing date.  It was supposed to be last week but we wanted to push it into April.  It was really strange how it happened, but they just called this morning and said, "wanna sign at 1?"  So we did.  So happy.  Our Realtor and we both agree, no more short sales.  Ever.  Avoid like the plague!! Here we sign:
I'm sure I'll do some house picture blog bombarding in the near future.  Just to get those keys first...

It's sinking in that our days here are limited, so it's time to really enjoy every minute of our view of the sunsets.  Initially I thought west facing would = pure torture in the summer, but it really has been wonderful!!  Once again we have made some great memories here over the past year.
A couple of months ago I saw a Porsche come up on a Race Adventure Groupon deal, and I knew I had to buy it for Valentine's Day for Ben.  He loves Porsches soooo much, and it was a great deal! 
Ben was in heaven.  It was so cute!!  Look at his giant smile.  Awww.  :]
Joe is living in Thatcher right now, and has been visiting us on the weekends.  He came along to participate in the observing, which was actually quite entertaining when a guy a couple of turns before Ben's, wrecked a freaking LAMBORGHINI   Yeah, that seriously happened.  "Only" about $25,000 worth of damage was done.  He took a turn too fast (they said around 110mph) but luckily nobody was hurt.
They had six-ish cars there to drive:  Porsche, Lamborghini, Cobras, Corvette, Ferrari,...
I probably should have taken pictures of the other cars there (fail).  Below is the Lambo before it was wrecked (consequently by the guy standing in the picture with the helmet on...poor guy).
Below:  After I thought about taking a picture.  You can't see the car because it's in a ditch.
When we got home I found the guys like this.  lol  (Dallin this is yours.)
Joe later left to fancy a lady while Ben and I tried a new sushi joint and ate on the patio which is the definition of glorious.  The weather is absolutely gorgeous right now and the prime time for visitations.  We live for our time outdoors!!  In a coupla months we'll be warming over the 100 range.  

I read May is the month we usually hit 100+.  100 is not too hot to us now, but it probably sounds atrocious to Utahns.  Atrocious is actually 115.  (115 is when you get sweaty walking from the car to the grocery store, and then stay grossly damp all day.)
My little brother (the missionary) sent home a letter this week saying he thinks he broke his foot when a car turning left didn't stop for them, and it ran over his foot.  He even drew a picture, the lil squirt.  TODAY he wrote home and he actually hurt it playing basketball.  See the picture below:

(I will get his weekly posts and pictures up tomorrow.)
2-1/2 weeks until the SLC race.  There is still time to do the 5k at least.
Have a great day!


  1. Congratulations on the house! Wow,8 months, that us a very long time, so glad st the end all worked out!

  2. Congrats on the cute house! What a fun and thoughtful gift that you gave Ben! No wonder he loves you ;)

  3. YEA! I'm glad you got it. We were in your neck of the woods last week on our AZ trip. Next time I'll try to message you so we can get together if you want. I'd love to see your house!

    1. Yes! We should go to dinner or something! I don't think we've seen you since the wedding... 2-1/2 years ago. We would love to get together.