Memories of a Madre Visit

My mom visited us while we lived in Thatcher, but she hasn't been to the valley since we moved here last summer.  This visit ended up being perfect in timing because we closed on our house, but we haven't moved into it yet.  She was able to see our lifestyle now, and where we will officially put down our roots for long term (hopefully for forever... no more moving please!).

We took my mom straight back to Thatcher when she got here.  haha!  We made a day trip to go see our sweet niece get baptized.  Our nieces are so freakin' cute!  We're proud of Elly!!  She's all girl, and it's adorable.  (I can't believe she's 8.  She was 3 when I met her.  Yeah...seriously.)
Love him.
Our pretty mamas (below):
One afternoon my mom and I went on a small hike near the new temple.  It was a windy, windy day, but it was still pretty from the top.  When it gets windy, it gets sooo dusty in the valley.  But haboobs.  :P  I actually think my Photoshop filter makes it look dustier than it is.
There's an AWESOME water park if you look closely (below).  We took my mom to it and now I want season passes!  I think our lil nieces would have a party if we took them to it.
When we moved here, one thing I didn't expect to see were communities on little river/lakes.  Isn't this place supposed to be a dry desert??  Surprisingly there are a lot of them around.  It's pretty rad.
We met a guy up top who was running the trails with a backpack full of bricks.
These are the homes from down in the actual neighborhood.  They are so cool.  Anybody want to fund our purchase of one?  (And keep it clean for us.)  Anyone??
No trip to Arizona would be complete without hunting for scorpions.  The area we moved to is pretty desert-y, so I took my mom down the street with our scorpinator light.  Temperatures have been in the 90s so I thought maybe we'd find one (secretly hoping PLEASE HEAVENS NO).  

We found ONE.  My mom was pretty intrigued.  She threw a rock at it and it tried to sting the rock.  As an animal lover, I still have no reservations about the death of a scorpion.  However, I am too afraid of them to get close enough to do the deed.  (I am really going to miss living on the 4th floor... )

Can you even spot it?
My mom came along with me to get my hair done.  It was a big appointment for me because I haven't been a brunette since 2004 or so, when I went almost black for a minute.  Ben has never seen me brunette!!
My hair grows rather fast, so getting it colored is pretty high maintenance, but I love being blonder.  My solution was a center part (which we went to on my last appointment), and then this time we did dark just on TOP, with highlights underneath.  Also, we added purple underneath.  Next time around we're doing more underneath, etc.  

This solution will make me lighter overall, but I'll have no visible root growth three weeks later.  I know, just call me genius. :D  I have no reservations on hair experimentation.  (Basically I want Chanel West Coast hair.)
My beautiful hair dresser and running friend, Tara.
It was awesome having my mom down here (thanks ma!!)!  Family is the best and it's always fun to show the fam where and how we live down here in hot Arizona.  Love you ma.  :)

Meanwhile, James/Jimmy moves to China in a couple of days, and just posted a follow-up video to his last video.

Last, look who becomes an Arizonian on June 21...

That's finally all.  Thanks for reading my long post.  It took over a week to do.  :P

Have a great rest of the week and weekend.


  1. LOVE your new hair color!! Looks great!!

    1. I loved loved loved my trip to visit you and can't wait to do it again! Love you Chrisy...and Ben!

  2. Love all of the gorgeous pictures! Looks like you and your mom had a great time :) That is so neat there is a housing community around that lake.. I wish we had something like that where I live ha ha. Love the new hair color too!!

  3. I think that's probably my favorite hair color on you so far! It's way cute!