Our Cute House - It's Coming Along

We've owned the home for close to four weeks now and we got a head start on it right away!  We've been out of town the last two weekends so it's been a little slower in progress, but it is getting there.  We have over two weeks until our lease ends here, so it's getting close to moving time.

The wallpaper removal took close to a week to do.  I finished it up while Ben re-textured the walls to match the others.  We celebrated that last piece of yellow coming off with a nice Bajio shrimp pineapple salad.
Ben taught me to texture.  I textured the window sill and I am so proud.  Haha
Giving the yard some TLC will have to come last.  Contrary to popular belief (at least by me), you do still have to pull weeds if you have synthetic grass.  :P 
While my mom was here we tried to pick paint colors.  This was a lot harder than I expected, and every color just seemed wrong.  We painted three other walls with swatches too.  We didn't use any of them in the end.
We decided to roll the whole house and I took to the first wall, our chosen color, "Indecision."
I painted the hallway next and a couple of hours later I sat back and took a gander.  Why do our walls look lavender.  Crap.

Ben took out our ceiling color that was matched by Dunn Edwards, and it was supposed to be close to white and came out very dark.  Definitely not a 95% match... maybe like, 20%...  Well, ...shux.
Wait a sec... this ceiling color is definitely not right, but I kind of like it.  Let's paint a wall with it?
You probably can't tell any difference on the above picture, but yeah, different.  We liked the mistake color...and that's how our wall color came to be.  The End.  (I wish.  I think we'll be painting for the rest of our lives!!)
Dunn Edwards took their mistake paint back and mixed us up the same color in a different finish for the walls, and they corrected the ceiling color mistake.  We went back home and painted a few gallons and loved it!!  It looks so good!  We called for more and their machine was broken (blurgh).

Forget it.
So the kitchen is close to having wall color, and the crown is painted, so we're close to beginning the taping off and then finishing of that area.  Even though it's a lot of work, it has been a lot of fun seeing it morph into pretty.
The tile no longer looks yellow now that we've brought the gray out of it.  It looks so different.
This past weekend the carpet guys came out because we've been debating replacing it because the master is worn beyond comeback.  I think we'll probably just replace the master for now.
Saturday night we sat in the backyard, feet in our very own pool, and chatted about how this is our first home, and how surreal it feels to call it "ours."  We are so blessed to be able to put down our roots here, and look forward to our journey and whatever the future may bring (hopefully lots of visitors, fun new friends, a good ward and soon a sweet puppy).

Meanwhile, we're booking reservations at the Buhr resort.  Hopefully you don't mind a blow-up bed.  :]


  1. This all just made me smile because a lot of us have been through the paint color choice issue. It's challenging for sure. We moved to our new home 3 1/2 years ago and it was basically a nightmare. Those are days I definitely do not want to relive ever again. It's looking good and I look forward to seeing pictures of the "after". Carry on you young people!!

  2. Things are coming along nicely and I love your colors! I have to admit that I am very jealous of your pool :)

  3. Wow, you are making great progress!!! 2 weeks will fly by and then you are LIVING in your dream home!!! So exciting!!