Our Cute House - Making Some Changes

Well we are homeowners and it is awesome.  Even though the house sat vacant for nearly a year, things appear to be working fine (knock on wood).  My biggest fear was the pool was going to be a huge money pit just in getting it up and running.

Wednesday we got our key and first things first, Ben changed the locks!  We've been through the place numerous times over the past four months, but finally it was through the eyes of owning it.
Next things next...purchase the appropriate desert house/yard materials.  The sellers didn't have professional pest control (read...scorpion extermination!!!), which is good in a sense because that means they probably didn't have a problem, BUT alas, no chances will be taken.  Night one we got out the black light scorpinator, and found nothing in nor out (except for some dirty toilets...sickening).

We're going to surround our house with a moat of diatomaceous earth.  It is safe, non-toxic, but it rubs the exoskeletons off of scorpions and thus they die.
Thursday we began our yellow wallpaper removal journey, a long journey we have yet to complete many days later.  We made it as fun as possible, jamming out to some tunes and eating Greek.  After all it is all about the journey and not the destination, right?  Whole home par-tay.

I am convinced wallpaper is of outer darkness and now that I know the truth behind it's removal, we are not interested in its cute designs anymore.  I will stencil my walls before wallpapering them.  Basically, wallpaper sucks.
Hours later...
Paint decisions are hard.  We want black and gray, but the tile needs a little warmth...like tan or browns.
Friday I did my peak long run for SL (all in 95 degrees... won't be doing that again) and Ben did 13.5, and then we joined forces for another anti canary wallpaper date night.  

The sellers took the everything including the spare tile and wallpaper, but they left empty wine bottle decor.  Sadly it has to go and I'll have to learn to decorate.
Wallpaper is on these two walls (unfortunately the cabinet walls).
Saturday morning it looked like this, and all was removed above the cabinets (to allow crown installation).
Saturday was a big day for our house.  Ben's brothers were coming into town to put up crown and new base!  Thank you thank you thank you to them for sacrificing the weekend and for driving here to go work!  And I just continued to work on wallpaper...
Becky and the girls came along and did a lot of swimming (they are lil fishies).  The pool guy came out that morning to fire it up for the first time, and it didn't have any problems.  We were pretty surprised (and equally as happy because I just saw dollar signs for awhile there).  Hallelujah!!!
The girls were also very good helpers.
Ragan swept for an entire hour.
Below is before and then after for some new crown/base.  We still have to paint the place, and either clean or replace the carpet.  I really wish we loved yellow because the curtains are pretty nice but probably will have to go.  The home was a former model home and maybe yellow was just a big thing back then...?  (The master bath is also yellow-ish wallpaper.)
Below is our inspiration picture for base and crown, from a nearby model home.  Unique and a little daring, which means perfection.
There is still a lot of work to be done, and I'm planning on boring the blogosphere with pictures as we go.  It's a lot of fun when it's your own home.  We will probably move in a month or so.

Meanwhile, I think the weather on the west coast is taking a windy beating today.  It's definitely an indoor type day.  Have a great Monday.  12 days until SLC!


  1. Looks like you two have been busy but enjoying it at the same time. Make sure you take before and after pictures. We did a lot of work on our house when we bought it too and the before and after pictures are amazing. Have fun and keep us posted on your progress!

  2. Congratulations!!! Owning a house is such a great feeling!! I can't get over your pool! Wow! Its like paradise in your backyard! Sorry I've been MIA lately. These kids are tough to wrangle:)

  3. That is soo exciting!! YOu are lucky to have so many (big and little) helpers :)

  4. That wallpaper stuff looks like a pain in the butt and looks like it took a lot of time. I love how big the kitchen is though and your pool is gorgeous! I am so jealous!!

  5. That is a HUGE freaking project! It's going to be amazing though!

  6. Congrats on your house! I love what you're doing with everything. I can't wait to see how everything turns out. Good luck decorating I'm sure you'll do great :)

  7. Congrats! Finding paint colors is awful. I found a great gray paint that goes so well with tan. I put it in my house recently and love it. check it out. Can't wait to see all your progress!