Race Weekend - Salt Lake City Marathon & 1/2

The race weekend was amazing, and we made many more memories to last us forever.  We flew up to SLC Thursday night and came home Sunday afternoon.  Basically, we blinked and it was over.  Durn.
Ben and I had lunch with his family on Friday, and then we met my family at the Race Expo that afternoon.  I was pleasantly surprised with this year's expo.  The new organizers changed venues and it was at the Salt Palace, and was bigger and much, much better.

(This picture below is important because of the vehicle we were driving that day...Dallin.)
The running community has really come together since the terrible events in Boston last week, and the entire race was centered on running for Boston, showing support, raising money and finishing for those that couldn't on 4.15.13.  It was wonderful to be able to be a part of it, and to show our support in any way possible.  We wore yellow/blue ribbons, there were a lot of green shirts, they also handed out "I RUN FOR BOSTON" bracelets, and tees.
My dad and sister ran their first full marathon, and the expo is more exciting when you are doing the full.  You get a red bib instead of yellow, and people think you're pretty bomb-diggity, really.  Let's face it, a full marathon is like three half marathons in effort, even though it's only two in length.
(Perhaps you have noticed the change in hair by now.)
I lost my husband and found him doing 30 burpees at the Spartan booth, so he could get a free beanie and tee-shirt.  Haha!
Saturday morning we got up before 5, and headed to the University of Utah.  This year we didn't ride Trax, but parked right at the start.  Surprisingly, it was NOT crowded parking.  We got there an hour early and it started to rain (it rained all night), so everybody hit the johns while I sat in the car and basked in the warm heat and prayed it would dry up a bit.
(Rykar when we left.)
The police were there in full force, and we all really, really appreciated it.  All along the course were officers, and they had bomb sniffing dogs, bomb sensing devices throughout, and just a large amount of those on duty to make sure the event ran smoothly and safely and to deter any copycats, etc.  We are grateful they came out to keep us safe, especially given the weather.
The rain lightened up a little in time for the start, so many shed their garbage bags, etc.  The forecast said there was a chance for some morning showers, but then clearing.  I kept my bag on and decided to shed it once I was actually warm...just in case.  My dad bought inexpensive warm ups that he could guilt free drop along the course as soon as he got warm (he finished wearing them...haha).
Last year only the full got to run through pretty Sugarhouse park, but with the new course everybody did this year which was fun!  It wasn't as pretty through my annoyed-that-it-is-starting-to-rain-harder, eyes.  lol  By rain... I mean downpour!!  And it never stopped the rest of the race.  It was sooooo cold!!  I promise I am not exaggerating.  We sloshed our way through 13.1 miles, but it was still awesome.
Below is last year's shot on the record hot day!:
The best cheerleader ever!  My mom!
The race went okay.  Honestly I was pretty disappointed when I crossed the finish line.  My pace was all over the place for the entire race, and I had an extremely long final 5k which is when I saw a sign that said, "Embrace the Suck."  Haha, you got that right!  Can I walk now?
There weren't as many spectators this year (maybe the rain?), but those that were there were cheering more than ever.  I saw so many "Run For Boston!" signs.  It was inspiring and motivating.

Speedy Ben finished first of our group, followed quickly by James, then I came along awhile later.  Nobody saw me finish because they were looking for hot pink and not garbage bag, so we all wandered the park for an hour before connecting.  The chilliest hour of life.

We jumped in my mom's truck and went to find my sister and dad.  We didn't know they were running together, but I used my sister's phone application to track her location, and they both showed up together!  We leap frogged the rest of the way to the finish.  It was so much fun!!
"You want a Jimmy John sandwich?"  "Sure!!"
The race was phenomenal.  The organizers did a great job and we're already looking forward to next year.  I wish the weather would have cooperated, but either way you could tell a lot of work went into such a great event.  There were a lot of goodies at the end, and we even made out with cases of yogurt.

My dad and sister rocked their full marathon and my dad even sprinted the finish.  They are total rockstars and didn't even look tired!!
Post race we bought loads of PIZZA HUT and went to my dad's house to "recover," and warm up.
That's how we roll.

Race Times:
Garmin: 2:05:57 for 13.3 miles and 9:28 pace
Official: 2:05:58
Garmin 13.1 split:  2:03:57

Garmin: 1:38:04 for 13.1 mile split and 7:28 pace
Official:  1:38:58

Official:  1:43:27

Dad and Jolie both came in under five hours for the full!

My little brother (on a mission) wrote us today, and said he kept thinking about us Saturday morning and was wondering what mile we were on at certain times.  It will be fun when he gets home and can join us again in 2015.  We missed you Dil!

Family rocks and running is the best.  Put them together and you get the happiest day ever.

Have a nice week!


  1. It was an awesomely fun day Christy and hated to see it end! Very proud of my sweeties!!! XO

  2. Awesome Christy!! I love reading race reports!! That's so funny your hubs was found doing burpees:) such a typical CrossFiter!
    You looked so cute and I am so impressed your dad can run a full marathon! Crazy!
    Did you all grow up running together? I think it's awesome that your whole family runs!

  3. Congratulations Christy! Even though the weather was not perfect, it looks like everyone had a great time!

  4. that is so cool you did it as a family! you guys rock!

  5. Congrats!!! LOve the relax pictures at the end and that the dog was on the couch and your dad on the floor :)