Gone Away May [almost] -- Next up: JuneATHON

I guess you noticed that I threw in the "blog every day in May" towel.  The month of painting, moving + working OT probably wasn't the best time to take that on.  Next month will be better.

Not much new with us (other than a house), and we're getting settled in the desert.  It is really desert-y here, and you know my newly found obsession for cactuses....cacti... 
We have a lot of frogs.  And bunnies.  We found FOUR small bunnies in our pool.  It was so sad!!  I couldn't look.
We recently made a visit to the Porsche dealer just to help with dashing Ben's hopes and dreams when he spent from his fund on our new house.  Now we're slowly building the fund back up so Ben can one day get his Porsche (or we have a kid or the truck breaks or the AC goes out or we lose a job or... just kidding Ben).  

I used to be a compulsive picture taker, and I want to get back to that.  It was fun.  I haven't opened Photoshop once since we've moved.  Lame as.
In a couple of weeks this little man Rykar (he is almost TEN) is coming down in a Uhaul with my sweet dad.  I am so excited that I can't even express it.  He is the cutest thing ever, and I know he will love spending his days with me.  I don't know if he will enjoy spending his nights all sad and alone because somebody in our house [not me] has set the 'no dog in the bed' rule, but he will be close by us.  lol
He is deathly afraid of water and he thinks he's in trouble when I dress him up, but I'm convinced you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Starting with this:
And then these Chucks:
It gets hot in AZ in the summer, and I don't want his paws to burn.  :]
It's almost June, which means Juneathon is about to start.  On my last post from June last year, I said, "I would definitely do Juneathon again if I could adjust it to posting once a week because I would find myself dreading the blogging part."  
Now that it's been a whole year, I find that I want to give the entire Juneathon thing a shot again.  You know when you do something not-so-easy (maybe like run a race in the heat), and then as more time goes by you look back and remember only the good parts while the bad is forgotten, and all of sudden you talk about doing it again because it was 'OMG so much fun.'  I think this might be in that category.  :P  

Juneathon is going to:
  • Keep me motivated in triple digit temps
  • Keep my summer mileage from being a fat zero
  • Help me prepare for Flagstaff's 1/2 in August (this one is going to be a killer...7000 elevation and a hilly course)
  • Get me ready for a possible PR at one of the the Dumbo Dare races over Labor Day weekend (oh please please please)
  • Just get me off my booter
  • I think that if I complete Juneathon, my husband will buy me a new pair of kicks.  :D  I have been thinking of trying some Mizunos.  I have tried them on before, but always end up out the door with my beloved Asics.
Juneathon is run (or at least do something), blog and log everyday.

Last year I had posterior tendinitis so I did some cross training (like this picture below...I believe it was 110 degrees here).
There are only a couple of things holding me back.

1 - Injury.  I really should not be running very far everyday yet.  Must play it safe.

2 -  The article below and why some people suck.  Please run safely friends!

So on that note, Juneathon starts in 2 days!!  Now I'm held to it since I blogged about it.  No turning back.
Lastly, this weekend Ben installed a new fan in our master, and we set up my shoe room.  This picture gets way more of a reaction out of people than I expect it to.  I can't be the only serious shoe lover??
If you are going to judge me, do it on the fact that I've been listening to Christmas music all week.  Not my awesome shoe collection.  :]

Have a nice weekend.  Please be safe!!

Juneathon in 2.

Move V.0.4.2013 + Day 21

This past weekend was the official one where we moved the rest of our things and valuables, and turned in our keys.  This day is the worst part of moving because the last odds and ends seem to go on forever, and there are so many things you can't just throw in a box and dolly out (I spy...Joe).
Goodbye Shade.  A year of awesome (minus the dog puke that sat by the elevator for a couple of days last summer- gross).
We didn't have a fridge until moving day.  You know you're getting old when you are stoked about a refrigerator rator.  (Ben's Porsche fund funded this fridge.  I think he was slightly depressed.  I made sure we bought a shiny one at least.)  
Here is the master with the new carpet.
We were introduce to a new desert creeper this week...the desert centipede.  We were driving home at night, and there was something running across the road and Ben stopped and turned around declaring he saw a massive scorpion or something in the road.  It was a centipede.  Maybe 4-5 inches long, and has a quicker running pace than myself.  *shudder*
This is kind of what it looked like...but alive.  This picture is from online, it was not in our house.
I guess they pinch and and inject venom into their pray.  Sounds like they hurt like a bee or worse and usually only get you if you step on them.  Thank goodness I've never seen one, and I'm pretty sure we won't have to deal with these guys in the house (or yard hopefully).  They are nocturnal like scorpions, but don't glow.  They even climb walls like scorpions.  

Another desert critter to haunt your dreams.  
Thank goodness I love everything else about this beautiful state, so far.

My new office for now.  New scenery.
Coming along...
I think no matter where you are in the world, the sunset is always beautiful.
I joked on IG about starting a fashion blog since I have had the hardest time finding anything that's boxed up.  This was my post church attire.
So far we have truly enjoyed living here.  It will take some getting used to not feeling as safe as I did on the 4th floor where I could watch Unsolved Mysteries at midnight and not think twice about it because nobody could break in our windows had they wanted to (unless they snuck a huge ladder into the community gate, I guess).  

I made Ben put the master bedroom door back on for our first night so I could shut and lock it.  I'm a bit extreme, thank you Hales genes.

Happy Tuesday!!


Day 21, Tuesday: A list of links to your favorite posts in your archives.

Let's see...probably posts from big events/exciting times:

From the old blog I really like:

College graduation.  I can't believe it's been 4-1/2 years.

A favorite photo of yourself and why.

Day 17, Friday:  A favorite photo of yourself and why.

I think most of my favorite pictures are of the two of us from our wedding time.  I would much rather have us both on the wall than just my goofy mug.  :]

I like this one because it is colorful and angelic.
Our photographers were Rob Higginson Photography and Color Blue Photography (picture above).  We struck gold with our wonderful photographers.  This was our best investment.

Happy Friday!!

Mothers, Missionaries, Moving = May

Yesterday was Mother's Day!  I am lucky to have the most wonderful (and incredibly adorable) mother, ever.  She always does so much for me/us, and I wish we lived closer so we could make more memories on a daily basis!  Love you ma!!
On Mother's Day and on Christmas Day the missionaries get to Skype home!  Since mom lives in Utah, dad in a different area in Utah, Jolie in California, us in Arizona and James/Jimmy in China, Elder Hales got to Skype five different times.  LOL  It was fun.  We also got a phone call in the morning setting up times to Skype.  

He is doing GREAT.  Gosh he has grown up so fast.  What a remarkable missionary.  This week is transfers and his companion goes home, so we guess he'll remain in Deming for at least six more weeks as senior companion.
My poor mom had a lovely start to Mother's Day when she got home before her husband, late one night, and walked in to find their beautiful home ransacked.  Not only ransacked, but the lights were all on and they are motion lights that shut off within 5 minutes.  No doubt she got there while they were still there.  Such a sickening thought.  UGH.  

She called 911 and got out of the house.  Luckily the intruders got away with very little.  I think my mom's arrival ruined their game plan, but they did leave fingerprints behind.  And now my mom and Jeff's house will be alarmed.  Sad to think we have to protect ourselves like this.  Our house has an alarm system too; such a piece of mind for me.  Even safe areas have crime.  You can never been too careful.
Wellllllll we are all done painting, minus touch ups and other phases of remodeling (bedrooms/baths)!  Finnnnnally!!! Wooty woot!

We left very little time for master bedroom color decision.  After all was said and done we chose this picture for the color inspiration:
Ben removed the carpet and pad which will be replaced this week in the master and master closet, the same day as the rest of the house carpets gets cleaned.  Carpet day.
It is a good thing Ben and I married each other.  I always want the super duper inexpensive everything (like carpet), and Ben likes the complete opposite, the nicer stuff.  We always meet in the middle which probably is best in the long hall for whatever we're buying.  Naturally we took the same approach in house hunting.  I wanted the cardboard box, and Ben wanted the three car garage.  =)
At first I thought it was a little blue, but now I think it looks great.  The white trim really sets it off!  It had crown already (it is upside down though...weird), so we didn't have to install it here.  Just the base.  Which Joe did (thank you Joe).

Here is the master bath.  My favorite part is the closet which you don't get to see.  Not much to see, really, (other than pure awesome closet).
The front room is finally done as well.  Before (yellow), midway (guys minus my hot hub), after (gray).
Our dirty door is now fresh.
The new curtains are going to have to wait.  I am thinking about attempting the idea of DIY curtains, modern ones, maybe horizontal stripes.  This is kind of breaking news since I haven't touched a sewing machine in years and it takes me all night to (unevenly) sew the straps on my ballet shoes.

The html code won't work for some reason, so click here:
The nice thing about moving close enough is you can move stuff everyday.  This weekend 'we" did some heavy stuff.  I put "we" in quotes because I just took pictures and felt useless.  lol
The internet is still at the apartment (thus my work), but the furniture is... mostly gone.
One of our last sunsets here.  We will really miss it here.
Such good memories.