Mothers, Missionaries, Moving = May

Yesterday was Mother's Day!  I am lucky to have the most wonderful (and incredibly adorable) mother, ever.  She always does so much for me/us, and I wish we lived closer so we could make more memories on a daily basis!  Love you ma!!
On Mother's Day and on Christmas Day the missionaries get to Skype home!  Since mom lives in Utah, dad in a different area in Utah, Jolie in California, us in Arizona and James/Jimmy in China, Elder Hales got to Skype five different times.  LOL  It was fun.  We also got a phone call in the morning setting up times to Skype.  

He is doing GREAT.  Gosh he has grown up so fast.  What a remarkable missionary.  This week is transfers and his companion goes home, so we guess he'll remain in Deming for at least six more weeks as senior companion.
My poor mom had a lovely start to Mother's Day when she got home before her husband, late one night, and walked in to find their beautiful home ransacked.  Not only ransacked, but the lights were all on and they are motion lights that shut off within 5 minutes.  No doubt she got there while they were still there.  Such a sickening thought.  UGH.  

She called 911 and got out of the house.  Luckily the intruders got away with very little.  I think my mom's arrival ruined their game plan, but they did leave fingerprints behind.  And now my mom and Jeff's house will be alarmed.  Sad to think we have to protect ourselves like this.  Our house has an alarm system too; such a piece of mind for me.  Even safe areas have crime.  You can never been too careful.
Wellllllll we are all done painting, minus touch ups and other phases of remodeling (bedrooms/baths)!  Finnnnnally!!! Wooty woot!

We left very little time for master bedroom color decision.  After all was said and done we chose this picture for the color inspiration:
Ben removed the carpet and pad which will be replaced this week in the master and master closet, the same day as the rest of the house carpets gets cleaned.  Carpet day.
It is a good thing Ben and I married each other.  I always want the super duper inexpensive everything (like carpet), and Ben likes the complete opposite, the nicer stuff.  We always meet in the middle which probably is best in the long hall for whatever we're buying.  Naturally we took the same approach in house hunting.  I wanted the cardboard box, and Ben wanted the three car garage.  =)
At first I thought it was a little blue, but now I think it looks great.  The white trim really sets it off!  It had crown already (it is upside down though...weird), so we didn't have to install it here.  Just the base.  Which Joe did (thank you Joe).

Here is the master bath.  My favorite part is the closet which you don't get to see.  Not much to see, really, (other than pure awesome closet).
The front room is finally done as well.  Before (yellow), midway (guys minus my hot hub), after (gray).
Our dirty door is now fresh.
The new curtains are going to have to wait.  I am thinking about attempting the idea of DIY curtains, modern ones, maybe horizontal stripes.  This is kind of breaking news since I haven't touched a sewing machine in years and it takes me all night to (unevenly) sew the straps on my ballet shoes.

The html code won't work for some reason, so click here:
The nice thing about moving close enough is you can move stuff everyday.  This weekend 'we" did some heavy stuff.  I put "we" in quotes because I just took pictures and felt useless.  lol
The internet is still at the apartment (thus my work), but the furniture is... mostly gone.
One of our last sunsets here.  We will really miss it here.
Such good memories.


  1. Sorry to hear about your Mom's house. I glad that she is safe. That is really scary. The house looks great and is coming along so nicely! You both have great taste.

  2. Your house looks amazing! I love the paint job! How exciting!!! Also I just wanted to tell you how much I am loving your new "we believe" section. I only got through a few so far but I love that lady, she;s so lovely and down to earth and is great for people like me who are christian but nor mormon understand things clearly. I have a million friends who are mormon but never really know too much about it. Thank you for sharing and I just posted about Juneathon! SO IN!!!

  3. Love the color combination!!! We did some home improvements this week as well. We finally got rid of the carpet and vinyl floors in kitchen, living and dining room. Also we tiled all bathrooms. NO nasty vinyl anymore. It turned out soo good!!

  4. Hey girl! Completely off topic... I just wanted to respond to your comment about homosexuality and your email wasn't attached. I totally agree with you - the practice is the sin, not the biological issue or even the temptation! I checked out your brother's blog too... he seems awesome! Also, I just heard of this book recently, which I am planning to read, and it sounds so similar to your brother's situation...

    Anyway - just wanted to touch base! Did y'all move to PHOENIX? :)