Move V.0.4.2013 + Day 21

This past weekend was the official one where we moved the rest of our things and valuables, and turned in our keys.  This day is the worst part of moving because the last odds and ends seem to go on forever, and there are so many things you can't just throw in a box and dolly out (I spy...Joe).
Goodbye Shade.  A year of awesome (minus the dog puke that sat by the elevator for a couple of days last summer- gross).
We didn't have a fridge until moving day.  You know you're getting old when you are stoked about a refrigerator rator.  (Ben's Porsche fund funded this fridge.  I think he was slightly depressed.  I made sure we bought a shiny one at least.)  
Here is the master with the new carpet.
We were introduce to a new desert creeper this week...the desert centipede.  We were driving home at night, and there was something running across the road and Ben stopped and turned around declaring he saw a massive scorpion or something in the road.  It was a centipede.  Maybe 4-5 inches long, and has a quicker running pace than myself.  *shudder*
This is kind of what it looked like...but alive.  This picture is from online, it was not in our house.
I guess they pinch and and inject venom into their pray.  Sounds like they hurt like a bee or worse and usually only get you if you step on them.  Thank goodness I've never seen one, and I'm pretty sure we won't have to deal with these guys in the house (or yard hopefully).  They are nocturnal like scorpions, but don't glow.  They even climb walls like scorpions.  

Another desert critter to haunt your dreams.  
Thank goodness I love everything else about this beautiful state, so far.

My new office for now.  New scenery.
Coming along...
I think no matter where you are in the world, the sunset is always beautiful.
I joked on IG about starting a fashion blog since I have had the hardest time finding anything that's boxed up.  This was my post church attire.
So far we have truly enjoyed living here.  It will take some getting used to not feeling as safe as I did on the 4th floor where I could watch Unsolved Mysteries at midnight and not think twice about it because nobody could break in our windows had they wanted to (unless they snuck a huge ladder into the community gate, I guess).  

I made Ben put the master bedroom door back on for our first night so I could shut and lock it.  I'm a bit extreme, thank you Hales genes.

Happy Tuesday!!


Day 21, Tuesday: A list of links to your favorite posts in your archives.

Let's see...probably posts from big events/exciting times:

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College graduation.  I can't believe it's been 4-1/2 years.


  1. The carpet looks wonderful! Congrats on the new fridge - that IS exciting! I am so envious of your shoe collection!!

  2. Your house looks fabulous...I love the pool!!! We really need to come pay a visit. I'm glad things are going well. I hope you don't run into any other desert creeper's.

  3. The house is just beautiful! Moving is not fun though! Poor Ben! Dipping into his fund lol!