Our Cute House - Moving NEXT Week

Happy Monday!  More pictures of pretty much the same ole thing.  HOWEVER, this has been a huge project and we are stoked as.

So we are very close to being finished with the kitchen/family area and hallway (hallelujah!!).  There are minor touch ups and also grout needed.  We took Friday off work and spent ALL WEEKEND on this place.  This upcoming weekend will be the same.

Colors always look different in pictures, but here is a before (yellow), and the after below it (with no blinds/curtains yet).
What is so interesting is how yellow the floor looked when all the walls were yellow reflecting it on everything.  In person it now looks even more gray.  The crown is brown, though it looks pretty black here.

Basically all the yellow pictures are before, and all the gray with crown are after.  (The chair Ben brought to the house so we had somewhere comfy to sit.  lol)
We need a fridge, perhaps.
We have moved into the front room which is one of our next projects.  That and the master need to be done stat.  Ben pulled up the carpet and we'll have it re-stretched next week when we get new carpet in the master.  Makes painting a lot easier, especially the base.
The cleaners came (thank you Groupon) and spent nearly four hours scrubbing.  I now can view the bathrooms as not public anymore!!  It is really home now!!  And we no longer have to eat like this:
The weather is low/mid 80s this week, so I spent a lot of time pulling weeds while the cleaners cleaned.  The yard is looking much better, less jungle-y, but a lot of our plants in the front are DEAD since the sprinklers have been off for a year.  :/  Bummer.

The plants in the flower garden by the pool (on the left) are also dead and I pulled them out.  I have no idea what to plant there instead.  A palm tree?  lol  What survives Arizona summer?
Master bedroom colors should have been picked by now, but we need to pick them asap before the new carpet comes.  Maybe same wall color with an accent wall color?  Purple or teal-ish?  Striped?  Maybe striped curtains?  We'll have white crown & base.

So much to do so little time.  We are moving May 18th (just like last year).

Meanwhile, anybody follow the horrible Jodi Arias trial that's here in AZ?  I watched the trial like I watched the Olympics from my desk.  Pathetic, yes.  Anyways, it's currently in jury deliberation.  Jodi needs to be locked up forever.  Hopefully they don't get this wrong like in the Casey Anthony's case.


  1. It is looking really nice! It is going to be exciting to move into your new home. I was watching the trial a little bit and hope that the right decision is made.

  2. LOVE it!!! The grey looks fabulous!!! Good luck with the move!!

  3. Oh wow I love it! I can't wait to see more pictures :D I wish that we were able to redecorate our house and paint, so I am very envious :D

  4. I love it!! Why would anyone want yellow in their home anyways...EWWW!! Its amazing what a different color will do. I haven't even followed on that case and I have no idea what is going on with it.

  5. Crazy how a different wall color can make such a huge difference! It looks fabulous :)

  6. It looks amazing! You guys have done a great job!

  7. Your house is looking great. I can't believe how much painting changed the look of your house and tile. can't wait to see everything once you have moved in. And Jodi is crazy!

  8. Oooh, I really like the colors you guys are going with! And what an awesome groupon to have! It's going to turn out splendidly -- can't wait to see the final results!