Juneathon - COMPLETE

June is over!  I made it through the challenge of running + blogging + logging everyday.  Tonight will be my last daily post before I go back to normal posting.  

I have to say that I really enjoyed Juneathon!  It changed my mentality from ever being 'maybe I won't run today' to 'when will I run today?' even if it was a one miler.  I found the heat as a challenge instead of an excuse and my fitness level has improved throughout the few weeks.

For July+ my goal is increase my level of fitness and mileage for the Dumbo Dare in two months.  After burning out and taking it easy from racing the last year, we're ready to get back to it this fall.
Today's mileage:  1
Average pace:  9:03

Total June mileage:  71.3
Rykar finds the strangest of poses to be comfortable.

Have a nice week.

Please keep in your prayers the families and friends of those firefighters who lost their lives fighting the Yarrnell fire here in Arizona.  If you haven't heard about it, you can read about it here.  So heartbreaking; I can't even imagine.

Well TODAY we actually hit 120.

Almost forgot to do my post on this roasty day.  It officially hit 120, the hottest day of the year!

Last night we headed up to Flagstaff (1:45 away) and stayed with Ryan, Ben's buddy.  Flagstaff is somewhere around 8000k elevation so the climate is different from Phoenix even though it's fairly close. It is cooler than Utah and had a high of high 80s/low 90s today!  They are in a heat spell too, just like the rest of the west coast.

This morning we all ran a 10k race through the down town and neighborhoods of Flagstaff.  I couldn't find an elevation map beforehand, and there were some hills involved and a LOT of winding and turns. Overall it was pretty tough but a great run, and our first at such great elevation.  My goal was to average around a 9:30 and Ben averaged somewhere around a 7:18 pace (going off memory here).

Ill do a better recap later. We got very little sleep last night so even with our afternoon nap, we are throwing in the towel.


1 more Juneathon post tomorrow...

Today's mileage: 6.5 (short warm up + race)
Average pace: 9:28

Total June mileage: 70.3

(We didn't get a 1...2...3 for this picture.)

Tofurkey tastes like toe jerky.

I'm out of creative titles so I asked Ben for one.

Today it was supposed to be 119 but I never saw it go above 116.  When you get that hot, a couple of extra degrees don't seem to really matter, so I was kind of hoping for 119!

I did one mile around the neighborhood, and my neighbors must officially think I'm crazy.

Anyways, I literally tried frying an egg on the slate after seeing people do it on the news.  Well the weather sure was hot, but there were clouds out that it ruined my egg frying experience. 

And I should have used Pam.

Today's mileage: 1
Average pace: 9:01
Average heart rate: 164
Days left: 2

Total June mileage:  63.8

Ben:  Would you do this running streak for another month for another pair of shoes?

Me:  Yes!!  Is that a challenge?

Ben:  ...no.


11pm & 100 degrees...AZ should be swimmin' not sleepin'. JD27

I really can't think of anything to say in this Juneathon post, except for there are only three days left in this running streak challenge.  June has flown by!

Today was day 27, Thursday, which is my rest day. Ben and I did a one miler this evening, around the neighborhood.  It has been wonderful to have his support and willingness to run with me when the sun has set, so I don't have to go to the gym.

I'm trying to go to Crossfit twice a week with Ben, so tonight we did:

Warm up: burpees
Weightlifting: 2 power cleans on the minute for 10:00
Wod: 8:00 AMRAP 3x clean & jerk + 6x toes to bar

Today's mileage: 1

Total June mileage:  62.8

Have a fantastic Friday!

Utah, Dad Visit, Race Day, Juneathon, ETC.!

Interesting fact of the day... 23 years ago, today, AZ hit the record 122 degree temperature.  Fox did a news story where people told where they were that exact day, and the meteorologist wore a t-shirt that said something of the sorts, "I survived 122 degrees in Phoenix."  

(It's pretty sad that 6 firemen died this day...)
It was so hot that planes were grounded and they closed the airport!  I didn't live here and I was in...Kindergarten...but we're supposed to get up to 118 Friday!  Once it was 122 degrees when Ben and I were at Hoover Dam, and I remember it got breezy and it was burning us and heating up my cheap jewelry.  That's so hot!!!

Anyways, I flew up to Utah on Father's Day (though my dad was in Chicago) and luckily I didn't miss my flight like last time.  I knew we'd be flying over the Grand Canyon, but I kind of planned poorly on my seat location.  You can barely see it...
I went up to work for a few days in the office and then accompanied my dad driving down towards the end of the week.  A nice daddy-daughter-dog road trip.

Rykar was stoked to see me.  I make him wait to dive into licking the bowl.  He was really excited here.
I only got outside to run once during the week, but it was for hills and gorgeous views.
I met my mom and Jeff  for dinner at Gateway and at City Creek.  My mom is so cute and they are doing well.  It's too bad she isn't five minutes from my dad's house anymore, but she's still fairly close and always willing to meet.
I love downtown SLC!!  We still aren't too familiar with downtown Phoenix yet, but SLC and Temple Square rival so many areas because it just feels so safe and it's not too big that it's easy to navigate.
Before they changed the course, the SLC marathon ran right downtown.  Even with the hill, it was amazing and my favorite moment ever.
My gpa visit.  He is adorable.
My Utah visits are so full of reminiscing now.  So many good memories of our young years!  It's kind of bittersweet to see time go by and everyone grow up.

This is where I had part of my bachelorette party...the Bluebird!
My dad's house was built in 1998 (what?!) and we all went and put our hands in the wet cement.  My hands are still the same size as back then, but Elder Hales was only 4!
Rykar's brother, Jake, lives next door and they have enjoyed playing together for the past ten years.  We let them bid their farewells (though they neither had any idea).
We stopped in Pleasant Grove.  It was a gorgeous day.
A moment of health.
I don't always (slash ever) do my hair.
We stayed the night in St. George.  I thought finding a dog friendly hotel would be tough, but not at all.  There are many!
Ryke is settling into his new home.  He was pretty confused and afraid to go out because there is a pool that scares him in the backyard, and during the day the ground burns his paws.  [I really need to buy those puppy Chucks for his feet.]  He's turned the comfort corner though and even goes to his bedroom on his own now.
We love this revolving sushi bar!!!  We ate here all the time when we lived next to it at Desert Ridge.  We took my dad back for a lovely visit.  It was delish.  [I was exhausted.]
I joked about taking my dad to run the Beat the Heat race, which started at 2:47pm which was the moment when we set our record 122 years back [before I lived here].  My dad was all game for it, so we really ran it!  And even with all my heat training, I was the only one that required a shade break mid run.  Haha!  :P
There was a pretty good turn out at the race, and they really emphasized running safely in the heat and had lots of medical on hand.  I heard three people were treated on site, two more were taken to the hospital, but everyone was fine.  Not bad for 107 degree race day!  Ben took 13th overall out of the 500 that did the 5k distance.  He ran a 23:xx in 107 degrees.  INSANE.  Ben was 5th/73 in his age group, my dad was 7th/28 and I was 22nd/78.
The start was air conditioned which really helped with starting cool, and then we ran through the Barrett Jackson tent (which was def not air conditioned haha).
Where are all the cool cars...
We stopped at the car dealers on our way home...of course... and the temple.  I'm a little miffed I missed the Angel Moroni going up.  It is getting really close and they started working on landscaping.
Thanks for the visit and for everything you do, dad.  It was so fun!

Today's mileage:  3-1/2
Average pace:  9:30

Total June Mileage:  61.8
A couple of pics from my nice run.
And the streak continues...