Check and check. Day 19.

Today was another busy one and I finally got a quick run in on the TM around 11, but it is done.

After work I drove up to Logan to see my grandpa.  He is such a sweet man and it is hard to watch him age, so I took this opportunity to go spend some time with him.  He is doing fairly well and was nice enough to stay up past his bedtime. :]

Today's mileage: 2
Average pace: ?

Total June mileage: 45.2


  1. Glad you made time to spend with your Grandpa. We have to cherish every moment while we still have them healthy and in our lives!And your pup just melts my heart every time! He is so cute!

  2. Even though it sounds like a super busy trip, you will be so glad youbdud all that. Love that you were able to see your grand dad!!!