Da Da Day #3

I've been wearing my heavier Asics for awhile because of my Plantar Fasciitis, but my foot seems to be doing a bit better with all the foam rolling, so I switched to my cute shoes today!
 Today was primarily concrete.

Most people know I love cactus..es....i, but the other day I accidentally brushed my hand over one protruding onto the sidewalk at my neighbors yard, and it hurt.  They are definitely not child friendly.  I hope I never fall into one en route.
 I think it's too hot for anything in the 8 minute range, judging by the color of my face.
It's summer so along with my summer pickle craving, the seaweed craving is in full force.  We got these all at Costco this past weekend.
Ben's work had a cupcake contest today (random), and due to Juneathon, he cannot partake of them.  But I can.  :]  He brought these home for mwah.  Cute.  (Juneathon for the win.)
Time for chicken, seaweed and a cupcake.

Today's mileage:  3
Pace: average 9:09

Total mileage: 6

Happy Monday!


  1. Nice run there considering the heat. Do you ever run on the treadmill? I love cupcakes! Have a bite for me :)

    1. Thanks Sandy! Ya know, I haven't had treadmill access since we moved, but we did get a week trial gym pass this week. I'm trying to put off the treadmill as long as possible since we eventually get to 115-120 temp range.

  2. I've never tried the seaweed! What do you eat it with? How do you prepare?

    1. I eat it like I eat chips. Straight out of the bag! But Ben thinks it's nasty. I will have to see if I can find some recipes!