Day 22 - Hottest Race On Earth!

Today was a great day and I'll catch up in another post, but for Juneathon we ran a race! 

It was the Scottsdale beat the heat race, the hottest race on earth. Years ago the hottest temp record day here, was set almost to the day, of 122 degrees, @ 2:47pm. So the race started at 2:47!

My dad is here and was excited to experience the heat in full force.  The race started indoors which was nice, except we couldn't connect to gps. :P  We also ran through the Barrett Jackson tent!

It was a lot of fun. I did two miles w/my dad around a 9:20 pace, then had to stop for a shade cool down.  But the finish was perfect in sprinklers and fire truck hoses.

We also taught my dog to swim. Ten years old and he had yet to experience swimming. At first he was scared to death, but he is slowly warming up at his own pace.  :]

Today's mileage: 3.1
Average pace: 10:13

Total June mileage: 50.3

8 days to go!


  1. Just reading this makes me sweat!!! Good job!!

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  3. That is crazy hot weather! Love seeing the pup in the pool!