JD25 - 30 Running Questions

Not much to blog about on day #25, but June is dwindling!  I sure like my Kinvaras so far.  Today I did a little speed work in them:  1600m warm up, 6x400m @ 5k, 800m cool down (+ more cool down because I was still 1/2 a mile from home)
Today's mileage:  3-1/2
Average pace:  3 @ 8:21, 1/2 mile cool down

Total June Mileage:  58.3

Running Questionnaire

1. What's your favorite type of running shoe?
I love my Asics Gel Noosa Tris.  They are light but still provide stability and they're bright!

2: Do you run to music?

3: Do you run in a gym or outdoors?
I prefer outdoors, but sometimes the weather calls for the treadmill.  I ran solely on the indoor track back in college.

4: Do you bring a sports drink or water out with you when you run?
Water unless it's a long run, or very hot.

5: How many miles can you run without breaking?
I'm not sure I know what this is asking.  I don't know what my max distance is without stopping...maybe 18 miles?  Anything longer than that and I've had to do at least a potty stop.

6: Do you prefer long, mid or short distance running?
Right now 10+ is really long, but when the weather cools back down I would say 15 miles is long.  Right now I prefer a 10k though.

7: How long have you been running?
Junior High

8: What do you think about when you run?
Usually racing and #s.  I religiously check my Garmin and multiply the current pace out in different scenarios.  Sounds super lame... probably is...

9: Do you run when you’re emotional?

10: Have you noticed any changes in your life since you started running?
My thighs are bigger.  I wish I could say my energy levels are up, but not really!  Running contributes to a having a great day and overall quality of life, especially when you get to run outdoors and appreciate how gorgeous everything is.

11: Do you stretch?

12: Do you plan your day around your run or your run around your day?
Kind of both

13: Do you run with someone else?
My husband

14: What motivates you to run?
Friends, #s...food...race experiences, and also believing I'm capable of much more and wanting to find dedication to to get there

15: Are you surprised with how well you run?
No.  I wish.  lol

16: Do you run marathons/races/both?
I'm not biased.  I'll run anything that sounds good at the time.  I'd like to do another full on the coast somewhere.  I'd also like to work on my 5k pace, and maybe do a Spartan or Gladiator even though I kind of burned out of the obstacle racing for awhile.

17: What’s your best mile time?
Haven't done a timed mile for EVER.  My current pr is like 8:01...but my 5k PR pace is a 7:49 so that one mile time doesn't really count anymore.  Which is cool.

18: Do you run to keep fit or keep fit to run?

19: Do you prefer to run in heat or in cold?
Either works as long as the sun isn't directly above on a hot day.  But I do not like racing in heat, ever.

20: Is it hard for you to get out of the house to run?
It was when we lived an elevator ride down to the sidewalk.  Now it's just out the door...not so bad.

21: Do you ever regret not running?

22: Do you keep a record of your running times?
I use a Garmin and DailyMile to track my everything.

23: Do you have a running idol?

24: Does anyone else in your family run?
My dad always has.  My siblings recently got into it and now we all are obsessed.  Now I'm working on my ma...  :]

25: Are you currently trying to become a better runner?
Yes...but not necessarily during this hot summer season.  I want to maintain over the summer or even benefit from heat training.

26: Do you run when you have nothing else to do?
I would

27: How often do you run?
Everyday right now.  The last year I only have run 3x a week to get over tendinitis, but now I'd like to be back at 4-5x.

28: What is your biggest running-related dream?
well...winning for one thing

29: Will you run for the rest of your life or just until you become what you want?
Rest of my life

30: What are your favorite exercises to team with running?
Classes that have loud and fun music and Crossfit if the wod doesn't totally blow.

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