Juneathon - 1/3rd Mark

Two hours after I completed my run, I just now realized I was supposed to do 3-1/2.  Oh that bothers me.
On the morning show (Fox Phoenix News), they interviewed a Phoenix girl who is on a running streak.  She's on day 161!  I have heard of people doing year long streaks, yearS long streaks, but mostly month/s streaks, or a summer one.

Then I researched local running groups and joined one.  I posted to ask if any runners were local to us in our new area, and the girl that responded turned out to be the one interviewed.  Small world.

This cactus is quite old.
Tomorrow I'll be on the treadmill, so I wanted to get out and do today's run out in the beautiful outdoors.
I am 1/3 through with Juneathon and already have a long shoe possibilities list.  I used to run in just stability, but over time my old coach told me that I needed to drop down towards neutral.  I went with a stability performance shoe (Noosas), and haven't yet bumped down to complete neutral.

I think this new pair of shoes I want to be stability performance.

Ben loves Saucony.

Below:  The same shoes I have but in a different color.

My sister just bought Newtons and seems to like them, and one of our insanely fast coaches always wore them, but I don't know if I want to spend the $.  I originally was thinking Mizunos, but I'm feeling more like Brooks PureCadence or Saucony right now...

Who knows.  First I have 20 more days of running.
Hope your Monday was amazing!


  1. By the looks of all those cool shoes, I like the Mizunos! I love my Asics though! XO

  2. I am a Mizuno girl. I love the Wave Inspires and have to break in that same pair that you posted above! I hope you find the perfect shoe since it is so hard to find that shoe that you are 100% happy with.

  3. I love the Asics... they're so pretty :) Maybe I would be a better runner if I picked my shoes on something other then looks lol.

  4. Sounds like you found your perfect running partner for June! Yeah for signing up for a running club, I hope they are a little more active than mine is.