National Running Day - Day #5

Over Labor Day weekend my family will be running the Dumbo Dare races at Disneyland.  I have never run a Disney race before, but I'm pretty excited because they sound amazing!  I LOVE Disneyland, and I am excited to run throughout the park, not to mention California has the best running weather!
We're 12-1/2 weeks out so I'll have to find a way to keep motivated all summer long, after June.  One thing that really helps me stay motivated is by having a set schedule.

According to Runner Academy, 89% of runners feel less motivated during the summer months.  That number surprises me because when I lived in Utah, I felt less motivated during winter and loved the summer.  But we'll go with the least for the warmer areas.

With that in mind, here is the basis for my next few months, from Hal Higdon's website.  I like his plans and do my own tweaking (rest days are Thursday and Sunday).
Today was day 5 of the running streak and, also, happy National Running Day!! I claimed my badge...
I found that running on this side of the street gives me more shade from the two story homes on the other side of the wall.  
(I made sure to match today.)
Today's mileage:  3
Average pace:  9:35

Total June mileage:  12.5

Have a wonderful evening!  :]

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  1. Disney races are a lot of fun! I never take the time to enjoy all of the course entertainment but I just might next time. Looks like you have a good training plan but it is tough to train during the summer months. Happy Training!