On the 4th day of streaking...

This past weekend Ben and I went to a gym by us and got free trial passes for this week.  Ben probably won't use his because he is a religious Crossfiter, but today I went and did my run on the treadmill, and then I stayed for Turbo Kick.

The treadmill is easier for most people.  It is much harder for me!  I think the fact that the belt propels me forward just messes with my gait.  Maybe I just haven't mastered running on the treadmill, but today's run was pleasant enough.
I started at 6.0mph (10:00 pace) and the first mile I went up .1mph every 1/2 mile, the second mile I went up .1 every 1/3 mile, the third mile I went up .1 every 1/4 mile, then I went up .1 every 1/10th of a mile until 3.25 miles, and finished with going up .1mph every .05 of a mile until 3.5.  (Did anybody even read that?  hahaha)

Basically I started at a 10:00 and finished at an 8:00.  Then I did a shoe swap and enjoyed a fun class.  I miss Taleah's Zumba, nothing will really compare to her energy and cute-ness, but this was still fun and I will be back (tomorrow??)!!
 Time for one of these.
Today's mileage:  3.5
Average pace:  9:21

Total June mileage:  9.5
Day four complete.

I posted Elder Hales blog today, and my other brother in China has been posting on his blog about China (and he's made some fun documentary videos).  Check them out if you haven't!


  1. I love your description of your run :) I didn't understand at all lol... thanks for posting the summary.

    Way to keep your streak going!

  2. Haha, I love the cupcake reward after all of it.

  3. Good job on keeping running and Juneathlon alive!!!