Restless June

Today is rest day, but there is no rest for the Juneathoners, so I did a mile for day #6.  (Ben puts up with my shoe slobbiness.)
I don't have any cool pictures from my uneventful one miler, but look at how cute my skinny pup is.
This past weekend we had some of our fun Gila Valley friends come visit, Tan and Eric.  We didn't really do anything at all but swim, but it was nice.  Hopefully they weren't bored.
Ben took us to my favorite candy store, "It'sugar," and then we went and saw "Now You See Me."  It was a good movie!  And I don't even like movies!  Tan and I shared a Rockstar and ate candy the entire time.
That slate Tan is sitting on could probably boil an egg right now.  I think we're going to attempt it soon.  Tomorrow is going to be 110 out!
Dinner was mongolian, at Genghis Grill.  I love mongolian bbqs.  I mix everything:  scallops, shrimp, beef, and a ton of water chestnuts, etc.  Mmmmm so tasty.
Today we started our pest control.  We haven't seen any scorpions inside, but we want to be pro-active.  Believe it or not, scorpions don't like extreme heat so that is why they come out in the summer.  They look for cooler places (like your tile floor... [or bed]).
Scorpions aren't like spiders that just die from one dose.  They are much harder to rid yourself (slash nightmares) of, and it takes weeks/months to get a barrier around your home.

The crappy thing (and probably why I have put it off until now), getting sprayed the first time brings them out of now is the moment we'll find out if we have any hiding (and if we'll ever have any visitors again).

After we got sprayed when we lived in Thatcher, we had a lot of them come out of the baseboards.  It was haunting.

Today's mileage:  1
Average pace: 9:26

Total June mileage:  13.5
Happy Thursday!

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  1. It's always fun hanging out with friends, especially since you guys could relax by the pool!
    Good luck with your scorpion control, eek!