[Sorta] Rest Day

Today was day #23 and marks one week left until JULY.  We went to church this morning only to find out it was shortened and there was no Sunday School.  

Sacrament Meeting --> Relief Society --> Home 

We had a BBQ with that extra hour and then dropped my dad off at the airport.  What a fantastic time we had with him visiting, even though it was short. He is now back home hangin' out with his girlfriend.
Before I did my mile for rest day, we watched the guy who walked across the "Grand Canyon" on a wire, without a safety wire.  It was pretty intense and he was successful!  His wife and children sat at the other side just watching him walk for 25 minutes as the wind blew and his wire moved.  I...just...don't get it.  The stress...
Today's mileage:  1

Total June mileage:  51.3
Have a nice week!  Check this out:

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  1. I could barely watch the guy who crossed the Grand Canyon. I would kill my husband if he would do it. I would die every second he is out there.