The first day of the lovely Juneathon.

Juneathon is the yearly challenge (or semi-annual since there is also a Janathon in January), where you run, blog and log every single day for the month.  You can also opt to just workout if you aren't able to run every day.  At the end of the challenge, those successful are entered to win stuff.  This year you can "micro blog," which is just use Twitter or IG, etc.

Today was a tough day to start on.  I was exhausted yesterday and knew an early morning run wasn't going to happen today (early morning is like 5am now that we're in June), the summer heat has arrived, I have no gym pass for a treadmill yet, and we have a couple of visitors coming to hang out for the weekend so an evening run wasn't likely.  And of course night is out because it's DARK. solution was to just get a couple of HOT MILES in, with Ben, basically in the super hot weather.  It was only two, but for me it felt like five.  I don't do well in the heat with the sun overhead.

 Our hottest day of the year so far.
We came home and got right in the pool, gym clothes and all.  Then we went straight to Costco and believe it or not, I froze for like two solid hours.  The solution to a hot summer, remain damp all day.  lol  (Or go to Costco or any grocery store.)
Ben is joining me in a sense, by avoiding sugary snacks/junk food for June.  We are rewarding ourselves with a pair of shoes if we succeed.  I'm still thinking about some Mizunos... but I'm so biased with my Asics.  We'll see!

Today's miles:  2
Pace:  a 10:20 & 9:43