#Thirteen - It's hot.

Juneathon is run everyday, blog everyday, log everyday.
Today was rest day so I did one slow mile around the block and spent some time with the roller.  I'm hoping my right shin loosens up a bit by tomorrow's longer run.  It has been doing pretty well all month.
A runner bundled all the Juneathon-ers blog posts into one Google Reader Bundle, so at every moment there are hundreds/thousands of inspiring Junethon posts in my Feedly Feed.

It is tough to come up with "creative" Juneathon post titles everyday.  Some favs:

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Juneathon Day 10:  Killing me slowly

Nothing Excer-citing

The other day my mom posted on my Facebook about a boy scout leader that passed away due to excessive heat while on a hike in 110 degrees.  Terribly sad deal and a reminder to me that we need to be mindful while out running in the triple digit temps (or doing anything out there).  Thanks for the reminder, ma.

Heat training tips:
  • Hydrate all day long
  • Carry water no matter the distance
  • Run in the shade if possible
  • Keep the run short
  • Run when the sun is low in the sky
  • Wear a heart rate monitor
  • Take walk breaks when needed (now is not the time to push yourself)
  • Wear a visor (something I need to do.  buy a visor.)
From this post [literally a year ago], I posted pace info from Jeff Galloway.  For an 8 minute mile runner, this is what it becomes with heat increase:
55-60 degrees - 8:05 
 60-65 degrees - 8:15 
 65-70 degrees - 8:25 
 70-75 degrees - 8:35 
 75-80 degrees - 8:58 
 80-85 degrees - 9:35 
 Above 85 degrees - Forget it... run for fun..

Running in the heat is usually frustrating for me at first, but then I adjust and it's not that big of a deal.  Racing in the heat is always frustrating though.  So... summer is just run for fun.

Today's mileage:  1
Average pace:  9:54

Total June mileage:  31-1/2

Have a nice Friday!


  1. I'm loving your determination at this running everyday and blogging everyday. You're doing great! I'm reading each and everyone of them. I'm so NOT jealous of the heat you live in. That would just be hard for me. Blog on cute little lady!

  2. Jeff Galloway does clinics at our Disney expos if you want to meet him. He should be at the DLHM this year.

  3. Jeff Galloway does clinics and meet/greets at all our Disney expos, if you want to meet him. He also runs the races, so you could run with him if you wanted. :p

    (Sorry for the double-posts. I can't tell if it accepts my first attempt or not.)

  4. I can not imagine running in triple digits, i already freak out if it is sunny and 90 :-) good job with junathlon