Tofurkey tastes like toe jerky.

I'm out of creative titles so I asked Ben for one.

Today it was supposed to be 119 but I never saw it go above 116.  When you get that hot, a couple of extra degrees don't seem to really matter, so I was kind of hoping for 119!

I did one mile around the neighborhood, and my neighbors must officially think I'm crazy.

Anyways, I literally tried frying an egg on the slate after seeing people do it on the news.  Well the weather sure was hot, but there were clouds out that it ruined my egg frying experience. 

And I should have used Pam.

Today's mileage: 1
Average pace: 9:01
Average heart rate: 164
Days left: 2

Total June mileage:  63.8

Ben:  Would you do this running streak for another month for another pair of shoes?

Me:  Yes!!  Is that a challenge?



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  1. How do you run in that heat? I was dying at 84 today! I have always wanted to try the fry the egg on the ground thing but never have. The heat is horrible and I learned that if touch the ground while its hot and you can't keep your hand on it for more than 7 seconds then its too hot for your dogs. Random comment cuz I know you have a dog :)