We arrived. Day 21. #Juneathon

This week it seems my runs have been the bare minimum with all my traveling etc. I guess a streak is a streak, but I am looking forward to getting back to normal running next week!  And normal life.

We made it to AZ this evening and Rykar is doing great so far in adjusting. He slept pretty much the entire drive, on my lap. It took us maybe 11-12 hours in the truck and was a smooth trip!

Today's mileage: 1
Average pace: no watch... just a known route... at 10:30pm... in my regular clothes (+ my Asics 2160s)...with Ben.  [If you want to feel silly/dumb, run in jeans through your own neighborhood.]

Total June Mileage: 47.2

So excited for sleep. Good night!

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