Well TODAY we actually hit 120.

Almost forgot to do my post on this roasty day.  It officially hit 120, the hottest day of the year!

Last night we headed up to Flagstaff (1:45 away) and stayed with Ryan, Ben's buddy.  Flagstaff is somewhere around 8000k elevation so the climate is different from Phoenix even though it's fairly close. It is cooler than Utah and had a high of high 80s/low 90s today!  They are in a heat spell too, just like the rest of the west coast.

This morning we all ran a 10k race through the down town and neighborhoods of Flagstaff.  I couldn't find an elevation map beforehand, and there were some hills involved and a LOT of winding and turns. Overall it was pretty tough but a great run, and our first at such great elevation.  My goal was to average around a 9:30 and Ben averaged somewhere around a 7:18 pace (going off memory here).

Ill do a better recap later. We got very little sleep last night so even with our afternoon nap, we are throwing in the towel.


1 more Juneathon post tomorrow...

Today's mileage: 6.5 (short warm up + race)
Average pace: 9:28

Total June mileage: 70.3

(We didn't get a 1...2...3 for this picture.)


  1. YOu would be freezing running in 80s in VA! :)

  2. YIKES! That is crazy and I am over here dying when on a run when it is 84!