Mister Dad ENGAGED + Loverly Lake Powell

Recently my dad got engaged to a lovely lady that he dated two years ago and recently rekindled the relationship!!  We are beyond THRILLED for them.  The wedding will be mid September.
Laura has five kids, three at home, so my dad will get to be a step-dad in action!  He was planning to list our childhood home this month, but they've changed their minds and decided to move everybody into it.  We're really happy to see it stay as it holds so many precious memories.

Dallin and my rooms are going to be occupied now by... step siblings.  Kind of fun that we went from zero to a billion steps in one year (trying to keep up with Ben's family).

That is the 411 on the Hales fam in Utah and my cute dad.


Anywhoo, this past weekend/week was our annual family Lake Powell trip.  Lake Powell is seriously the most gorgeous place on earth to vacation.

Combine family, friends, camping, water, boating, random monsoons, hiking, scenery, warm temps, junk food, Monster for breakfast, little communication with reality and living 24/7 in your swim suits, and you get a fun, [crazy-chaotic-anybody-have-an-Imitrex] memorable time!!

The water is LOW, and it is dropping rapidly each day.
The first night we spent at Antelope Point Marina while some of the plumbing was being fixed.  Ben and I haven't been to this marina since the houseboat was moved to it, but it's awesome!  There is a floating restaurant/bar/lounge area that the houseboat was parked by all night, and we all fell asleep listening to the band play well into the AM hours.  Heck, I wouldn't mind a few days at the marina.  We headed out for a cove on Sunday.

On the road again...
Our family party usually consists of 60-70 people but the houseboat was quite bare for a couple of days.  This was Jeff's first time at beautiful Lake Powell.  Hopefully he had a great time.
 Shallow...buoys everywhere...rocks...
Ben and Jeff anchored the boat right as a monsoon blew in.  They deserved the credit that the houseboat didn't wash into the rocks.  It was SOOO windy, we sat there next to the anchors and watched them for any movement...please...no...

But these guys are pretty much anchoring masters.
I spy my mom, Jeff and mister Ben...
This one (below) is out of order.  Thank you Blogger.

We kind of eat a lot of sunflower seeds at Powell.  Jim Beam BBQ for Ben, David's Chili Lime for me.  Oh em gee delish.
I managed to get a sweet crashing pic of Sheridan.  :]
The life jacket I grabbed was a little too big and ended up being hilarious.
Below:  All this used to be under water and we used to ride around these rocks we were climbing.
1/2ish of the gang don't like to camp and would go back to the marina in the evening, so the nights and mornings were pretty chill and full of horse-shoe competitions and hiking.  Sadly I don't have pics with the whole entire crew!
My gpa is wearing one of the Frogg Togg towels that stays cool.  I need to obtain one for running.
Meet hyper Lexie and the sweetest DJ (Delilah..something) pitbull you ever will meet.
The progression (well, two pics of the many I took) of Ben starting a water fight.
My mom and I have a tradition where one day we head to Wahweap Marina to get ice cream.  The ice cream shack we used to order from is gone, as is the old marina store!!  They just opened a new store, restaurant and lounge at Wahweap, literally that day.  You can't order cheap ice cream anymore, just expensive $8 shakes.  They are delish!  A little small, but delish.
Here is just a glimpse into the water levels.  This parking lot (below) as is appears now...
And below is how it was three years ago, under water.
More horse shoes and trying to get artsy with my really old Canon Powershot (seriously the most indestructible camera).
We had a great time.  What a great family tradition.
Have a fabulous week!!  Monsoons have rolled in so our temps have dropped down closer to 100 and we have loads of clouds/storms (and a couple of dust storm haboob-ish things).  It has been nice after a sweltering June.


  1. Wow, you're an amazing photographer Christy. Can I steal some pics from you? XO

  2. Love love the beautiful pictures. It looks like you guys had so much fun!!

  3. Congratulations to your Dad. I am glad that he found someone to love :) What a fun vacation! I love your pictures!

  4. What a fun vacation! I love the pictures.

  5. Lucky girl! And congrats to your dad!

  6. That trip looks like a ton of fun! Wonderful pictures and I'm sure even better memories!!