Summer Breeze... Makes Me Feel Fine

Right now it is 81 degrees outside and raining [and Ben just took a floaty out back?].  We had the windows and door open for a few minutes and it was lovely!  One of my favorite parts of the year is when we can crack the doors and windows and the house smells like the outdoors.  We're a couple of months from that, but it's a nice reminder of what's to come.

We were hammered with monsoons and lightning storms this week.  Our neighborhood was hit pretty hard and trees were damaged and all over the place (not ours...we don't actually have a tree. it was cut down to a stump before we bought our home).  

Today there are a lot of areas flooding and flooding rescues on the news for all of Phoenix.  101 days of no rain and then hit with flooding.  I guess that's how it is done around these parts.  Below is a lightning storm rolling in...
Below are a couple of pics posted to Fox 10's Facebook.  The Freeway (60) flooded today.  We just saw that some kids were rescued because they were playing in a dry riverbed.  Where on earth were their parents?!
I took some footage of the storms for my new vlog I'm planning to do at my brother's recommendation.  It'll probably be private so I can be ridiculous, but he does one where he puts short clips of his adventures in China together and they are awesome entertainment.
I have a lot of footage (frying an egg outside, teaching my dog to swim), but the problem is finding the time to stitch them together.

Anyways, a couple of weeks ago, Rykar wasn't feeling well.  He wouldn't eat /drink and he laid in my lap all day while I worked (I obviously love my dog) and he wouldn't even beg.  I pulled out the big guns (read:  pupperoni) and he had no interest...  :(

The vet gave him a puppy IV just in case he wasn't adjusting to the desert.  They sent fluids into a balloon like thing under his skin, and his body absorbed it as needed.  The bubble moved from his back down into his leg as he walked and he had a jiggly leg.  Hehe.

A couple of hours later he was back to his cute little, sensitive self.  Thank goodness!
Like I mentioned, our skies have been stormy for a majority of the month, and the temps have been around 100 and even under.  Ah...I love July.  The sunsets are amazing this time of year.
I finished Juneathon three weeks ago and finally made the shoe purchase!  I tried on some Brooks, Mizunos and Newtons.
The Newtons felt almost like cleats, and they have a 2mm drop!  I have been intrigued and decided to try them out, the Newtons Distance U (review here).  If they don't end up working then I'll probably exchange them for the Mizuno Wave Creation 14s.  These are the most pairs of shoes I have ever had in rotation...5.  I swear it is my equation for injury free running [knock on wood].  That and foam rolling.

I also got a new running skirt.  I am often found wearing $3 Wal-Mart cotton tanks (from five years ago) because I am cheap, so I'm pretty thrilled about this.
We picked up the skirt in the Biltmore area.  It is amazing and I will be taking my family here when they come visit again (specifically James and my ma)!  If we had a few more years to play, we'd go live here.
There are six weeks left until our next big race, the Disney Double Dumbo Dare.  I'm really trying hard to prepare for this one in spite of the oven outside.  I struggle to gauge exactly where my fitness level is when my runs outdoors are slow, and I struggle with the treadmill.  

Last summer we ran a 10k in June, in California, and I managed an average pace of 8:06 and felt great.  I am really hoping for a great race in Cali. Please please please!!  My goal for this is just sub 2:00, though I'd like to get closer to 1:50 by the end of the year at the Tucson Half, but it will depend on how much work I put in this fall (and I plan on sticking to it!).  The 10k race I will most likely just take easy so I can be fresh for the 1/2.

Here is my schedule for the next six week...
I wanted to get pictures up before showing some of the house and our furniture, but it's still a work in progress (forever...).  But we got a [scorpion proof] bed.  We actually haven't seen any scorpions and I think sharing a living space may be a thing of the past...I hope.
The front room is coming along with our black couches.
We eat on a kitchen table for the first time since getting married.  We also bought a matching stone tv stand.  They are amazing.  I am so excited about a table and tv stand.  We are officially old.
That's all the rambling I will do for now.  I will leave you with something you must try if you have not yet... a S'mores Frozen Hot Chocolate, from DQ.  I crave them the moment I finish a long run (or any run, or when I wake up, before bed,..).
Have a nice and safe week!

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  1. My running buddy is going to AZ to run the Tuscon half marathon! I so wish I could make it as well!