Tis the season to be jolly for reunions.

It must have been family reunion weekend because the Buhr reunion was this past weekend as was the Hales reunion, and I saw that some of my other cousins had reunions too, along with other Blogger friends.

Last Thursday morning, we drove to Colorado and stayed until Sunday, for the Buhr reunion.  It was at a pretty resort in the mountains, and we camped in some cute little cabins.  [I wasn't exactly aware we were camping.]  We missed you Hales fam!
I went on a run to test out the elevation.  I might have concluded that elevation running is easier than heat.
On the last day of the reunion, we had some Buhr family pics.  I had Liz take our pic with my phone, but the rest you will have to use your imagination until we somehow obtain them.  Just imagine 50 adults and 29 children with grandma in the middle.
I forgot my camera (along with everything else...) dangit all, but I still took some pictures with my cellular device, and Photoshopped them for your viewing pleasure (mostly because I love to Photoshop anything).
We have some adorable little nieces  We also have some pretty drawings hanging on our fridge from them at the reunion.  :]
A shot of the cabins (below)...
Ben's cousin had his wedding during the reunion, a hundred meters from our cabins, or so.  The weather was perfect for the beautiful bride and groom's big day.
Meanwhile, Rykar got a pretty good Pawgress Report from his stay at the puppy place.  :]
 Because he is such a good dawgy.
Meanwhile #2, we are just over 4 weeks until Dumbo Dare!!  My long runs are now in the double digits and my ravenous appetite has arrived (as I'm eating Ben's DQ ice cream cake).  Today marks the last day of July and I finished the month just over 80 miles.
(I have to break the log into smaller pictures so they are legible in my blogbooks, hence the three annoyingly random sizes below...)

My sister and I have been working on our costume ideas which has only had me at extreme excitement levels.  I'm going to dress up as a character that pretty much everyone else dresses up as, but my sister's costume will be unique and pretty cool.  Stoked as.

This past weekend were the CrossFit games which kind of remind me a little of the Olympics.  Ben and I streamed the events from our phone as we lay in bed in our cabin each night.  It was pretty intense and we made it home Sunday night to watch the final event and watch Rich Froning take it again for the third time!  He is basically a beast.  I love anything Olympics like, and I think you can watch re-airing of the games this weekend on ESPN2.  The first place winner takes home $275k, so I told Ben he has 12 months to get his bum in gear if he ever wants to buy that Porsche.
That's all.  To go along with my old theme of scatter brain posting, here is a cool picture of a rock I took somewhere in New Mexico before we hit Shiprock.
Have a very wonderful rest of the week!  We are getting close to the weekend and tomorrow is already August, believe it or not.


  1. Those cabins are SO cute!!! Love that you have family reunions, my family doesn't do that, too bad.

  2. Looks like you had an awesome time at the reunion! Those cabins are really neat, and it looks like you can bring horses there! Love the pictures :D