10 Days...

until my 29th birthday.  This year 20,000 people are throwing a huge party for me!!  I feel so loved!!  :]

It will not look like this...

But more like...

I will look like this.

I won't look like this...hope...fully.

10k:  Slow and carry my camera!  The course is almost all throughout Disneyland park which I'm really excited about.  [I wish Johnny Depp would come.]  

Maybe I can convince some other Dumbo Dare-ers to run slow with me and pose along the course, and perhaps contribute to another video.  Jolie?  Jimmames?

1/2:  Sub 2:00.  I have no strategy or idea what pace I want to start at... 9:15?  This week I came down with a stomach thing which has been a little stressful.  Guess we'll see how I feel race day (at 3:15am...when my sister has to BE there -- crazy).
Pretty excited to see my fam, and to run with them!!

And to beat them.

Except I missed out on the family speed gene.

Either way, have a fantastic day and weekend!!

Ain't No Mountain High Enough

We hiked Squaw Peak this past weekend, for the first time since moving to Phoenix 15 months ago.  It was supposed to be a triple double temperature day (if you remember a triple double = 110+...).  We hiked at 6:30am and it was a little cloudy which was awesome.

  • Summit Trail
  • 2.4 miles round trip
  • Forgot my Garmin so estimate 1:30-1:45 round trip
  • Temperature:  mid 90s
  • Elevation gain:  1190 feet

Squaw Peak was pretty cool.  It was easier than Camelback and felt a lot shorter for some reason.  It didn't have the boulders/climbing like Camelback, but I would liken it unto 1.2 miles of varying bleachers.  A nice butt work out.
It was nice to get out on a hike during the summer!  We all went to breakfast afterwards, and that's when the sun came out in full force.  It was a nice morning!
Rykar was neutered last week, which wasn't very fun for him.  Who can blame the poor feller.  I would be traumatized too (for multiple reasons).
The day started as any usual morning... "Mom wake up, wake up, wake up...  I want to play and go outside."
And ended in the cone of shame and bundles of drugs.
Which turned being comfortable into an impossible task.
Poor guy.
Eventually he found dangling his head off the couch to be comfortable enough.
As the drugs wore off, I found him contorting his skinny little body around the cone and licking his incision.  

Off we went back to the vet. 

Now he has a massive cone.
Which he really can't stand and now refuses to go potty.  I feel like we have a puppy all over again.

Only a few more days and I can take it off!

He's such a cute lil Italian Greyhound!   I like my dog.  I hope he feels better so soon.
That's all for now.  Summer is dwindling, which is kind of really sad to think about how quickly time flies by.  But have a fantastic mid-August week!

Disney in 19

I love my Newtons!!  They remind me of my Gel-Noosa Tris, but with less of a heel drop and a bit more comfortable.  I ran my first longer run in them, and never once thought about my feet or arches during.

So there are 19 days until the Dumbo Dare!  It is getting close!  I am doing most of my running on the treadmill these [monsoon-lessly hot, summer] days.  The treadmill is tough, but I think I am beginning to mentally master it and 95% of the time I don't even watch tv.

My weird treadmill trick:  I count 3 songs per mile!  So if I'm running a 10 miler I do 10x3 = 30 songs, and I count down each song as it comes on, and I cover the treadmill #s so I have no idea where I'm at.  Somehow I don't lose track of my song count (I'm weird),...though Ben thinks he would so maybe that's hard.  The fun thing is I mentally commit myself to 30 songs of running, and usually my run is over with many songs to spare since 3 per mile is a little excessive (but it always varies).
I figure it's okay to show Jolie's costume, pre-race, since she posted it on FB.  She's creative and goes way back with Jessie.
My costume is pretty cute (of course I think that), but I won't have all the pieces until race weekend since my sis picked them up for my b-day present, which is the same day as the 1/2 marathon (thanks sis)!  It consists of wearing these ears that I just bought online:

Looking forward to the Disney Races (if you can't tell).  You will probably hear me talk about how excited I am, a million more times.  Have I ever been this excited for a race?  Maybe once.
Isn't that the truth?

Have a fantastic Monday!

Thank goodness it's FRIDAY.

I haven't rambled in bulleted form for in awhile:

  • Ben and I have been married for 1000 days!  At church the other day, I asked him if he remembered our last Sunday before getting married!  He sat there thinking hard and could not remember anything...at all.  Then I clued him in that it was probably because he was in the hospital, un-alert.
But I do remember that last Sunday, and the cute elderly couple that brought the sacrament to us in the hospital room.   :]  I'm amazed how slowly those days before the wedding went, but how quickly they go by now.  (I'm not sure this widget was designed for 4 digits.)

  • My birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks, so I was pleasantly surprised when Elder Hales' letter arrived and this beautiful card was in it, addressed to not Ben, but me (awesome...guess who is more looooved).  I knew exactly what I was going to get with it!
I wonder how many Revlon Lip Balm Stains I will be able to blow this card on, because they are amazing.  1?  3?  5?

Haha.  Ben and I have come up with a nice package in return...

  • In June we ran the Scottsdale Beat the Heat.  Fast forward and one of Ben's co-workers was at the dentist or something, and recognized our pictures in the Scottsdale Health magazine!

  • Somebody has a birthday tomorrow, my amazing dad, Brian.  So HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  See you in a few weeks.  :)

  • We are 21 days away from the Disney Dumbo Double Dare.  The Dumbo Dare is a Saturday morning 10k, then a Sunday morning half marathon, and you get one medal for each race and an additional third medal if you complete them both!
I have been putting in the time and effort for this race and even though it's the only Arizona summer I've actually trained for a race during, I feel like I'm in a pretty good position!

I've had some new right leg IT band tightness and knee pain (I have NEVER had knee pain...) and just barely started having some shin issues on my right leg again (but in a new location), but I have been taking care of my legs and running at a slower pace to help recover, and it seems to be helping.  I really, reaaaally hope this race goes as well as the effort I have put into the training!!
3+ weeks until our first Disney race days!!

  • On that note, I have the marathon itch again lately and have been debating if I want to do another full this late fall/winter or not.  I have my eye on the Tucson race, which is a fast course and would also be a good opportunity to PR either the 1/2 or full (and maybe hunt down some missionaries).

Other races we're considering:  Las Vegas 1/2 (for our 3rd anniversary get-away), and I'm looking at the Women's 1/2 Marathon Series in Scottsdale, that is also in November.  Currently we're just planning through the end of 2013.  I have no idea what 2014 will bring us, besides my 30th birthday.  Holy crap.

  • One thing I learned more about when we ran with Racelab, was running cadence and how the optimum running cadence is 180 bpm, or 170-190 steps per minute (who knew you were supposed to take a certain number of steps per minute of running...) regardless of your pace (what?! ya!!).  I've found that songs with close to 180 bpm really help me when I'm getting tired at the end of a run, and my form starts to fall apart. 
This one is 182 bpm.  It is Michael Jackson so you know it is good and you must partake of a listen (you may have to go take the link to YouTube if it won't play from my blog).  I put it on repeat...
My next musical adventure will be trying to run to movie soundtracks.  New clothes and music are prime examples of motivation.

  • I always have my eyes on multiple pairs of new heels or runners... (click image to be taken to the site).

  • A couple of untouched cell phone shots of the monsoon sunsets.  They are so pretty!  I have been disappointed in our amount of storminess this summer.  We were hammered for a minute, but now we keep drying out.  Still time left in monsoon season... come on storms...

  • Elder Hales is doing great and just hit his 6 month mark!  He was transferred to East Tucson!  If you look at the image of the districts in his Tucson, Arizona mission, perhaps he will spend the rest of his mission in actual Arizona.  I hope he is there in December!

  • My other brother has posted another video from China.  The videos are pretty interesting and funny.  Like when he teaches his Chinese co-worker to say, "go to hell."  LOL  I want to go to China so bad!

Annnnnd that is all.  Have a fantastic weekend!!  I have been working on a project as fast as I can possibly work, for the past three months, so I'm stoked for a weekend and a break from working!

Happy Friday!

Happy 23rd(-ish) Birthday Ben!!

23...24... 30... 35... same diff.  :]

Ben had his birthday this past week, and it fell on a Monday.  Being a Monday, he wanted to have a regular Monday/weekday routine with work, working out and eating healthy, and we'd celebrate on the upcoming weekend.  We'll just go to lunch.  Cool?  Sure!

Um no.

While at CrossFit, I made his favorite dish of cheesy chicken potato casserole.  I usually make multi-colored cake or cupcakes, but there's a DQ nearby and you cannot beat a DQ ice cream cake...Reese's Blizzard ice cream cake.  Oh my.  (It took all of my willpower not to buy myself a smores frozen hot chocolate while I was there.)

Ben came home from CF and I surprised him with some decorations, presents, delicious carb-o-holics dinner, and a sugary must-have-a-lot-of, dessert.  Happy Birthday baby!!
I used to be soooo much better at taking pictures, but now I'm only sort of good.  So you miss the decorations and presents.  I even had a table cloth.  Following tradition, I bought him a new pair of Nike Frees....for CF.
Saturday rolled around and it was "Ben's day" to pick what he wanted to do.  So we:

1. Swam with some new floaties (hers, dawgys, his)
2.  Went to the Malibu dealer
3.  Went to the Porsche dealer
4.  Went to Lowes and got some fantastic new indoor trees
5.  Went on a date to eat ginormous hamburgers at the Blue Burger Grill
6.  Ate frozen yogurt (popping Boba)
7.  Did this all with Joe (he should be a boat salesman.  he is very convincing.)
 The first shot Joe cropped the shoes...had to redo.  But they are both kind of fuzzy (camera error, not operator...it was dark in the room).  My hair grows fast, if you noticed.  I don't know what to do with it?

Over the weekend my sweet Italian Greyhound got sick AGAIN.  I'm not sure what is going on, but I wonder if he ate something outside (even though I'm not sure what he could have found in out little yard??).
Sometimes I have these horrible visions of him frolicking with a frog in his mouth.  Turns out those cute little frogs that like to jump into our pool and bounce around at night, secrete toxins that can kill a dog and can cause humans to hallucinate.  I read that some punks scrape the toxins off frogs to purposefully hallucinate.

After throwing up, avoiding pupperoni, and being sad for a day, he finally turned the corner.  When he is able to eat, the vet recommends scrambled eggs.  :D  It's easy on the tummy.
Gawsh, I was so happy when he was back to begging.  I don't mind it so much.  At least he's healthy!

But that was the birthday celebration week for Mister Buhr.  I hope it was fantastic because he means the world to me and I would do anything to make his day [and life] as fantastic as possible.  He is the greatest guy I know!!  Until next year...Happy Birthday!!