Ain't No Mountain High Enough

We hiked Squaw Peak this past weekend, for the first time since moving to Phoenix 15 months ago.  It was supposed to be a triple double temperature day (if you remember a triple double = 110+...).  We hiked at 6:30am and it was a little cloudy which was awesome.

  • Summit Trail
  • 2.4 miles round trip
  • Forgot my Garmin so estimate 1:30-1:45 round trip
  • Temperature:  mid 90s
  • Elevation gain:  1190 feet

Squaw Peak was pretty cool.  It was easier than Camelback and felt a lot shorter for some reason.  It didn't have the boulders/climbing like Camelback, but I would liken it unto 1.2 miles of varying bleachers.  A nice butt work out.
It was nice to get out on a hike during the summer!  We all went to breakfast afterwards, and that's when the sun came out in full force.  It was a nice morning!
Rykar was neutered last week, which wasn't very fun for him.  Who can blame the poor feller.  I would be traumatized too (for multiple reasons).
The day started as any usual morning... "Mom wake up, wake up, wake up...  I want to play and go outside."
And ended in the cone of shame and bundles of drugs.
Which turned being comfortable into an impossible task.
Poor guy.
Eventually he found dangling his head off the couch to be comfortable enough.
As the drugs wore off, I found him contorting his skinny little body around the cone and licking his incision.  

Off we went back to the vet. 

Now he has a massive cone.
Which he really can't stand and now refuses to go potty.  I feel like we have a puppy all over again.

Only a few more days and I can take it off!

He's such a cute lil Italian Greyhound!   I like my dog.  I hope he feels better so soon.
That's all for now.  Summer is dwindling, which is kind of really sad to think about how quickly time flies by.  But have a fantastic mid-August week!


  1. Awwww poor guy! My dog has some weird skin issues and oftentimes breaks out, that's when he chews his paws bloody. When he started with this condition he was on the cone for 6 months! He hated it!! BUt after a while he really got used to it and even jumped in and out of our bed. Dogs are amazing and are great in adjusting to any situation!

  2. What an amazing hike! I have to try that one day. I think you should give Rykar a supervised cone break especially when he has to go potty! I feel sad for him :(