Happy 23rd(-ish) Birthday Ben!!

23...24... 30... 35... same diff.  :]

Ben had his birthday this past week, and it fell on a Monday.  Being a Monday, he wanted to have a regular Monday/weekday routine with work, working out and eating healthy, and we'd celebrate on the upcoming weekend.  We'll just go to lunch.  Cool?  Sure!

Um no.

While at CrossFit, I made his favorite dish of cheesy chicken potato casserole.  I usually make multi-colored cake or cupcakes, but there's a DQ nearby and you cannot beat a DQ ice cream cake...Reese's Blizzard ice cream cake.  Oh my.  (It took all of my willpower not to buy myself a smores frozen hot chocolate while I was there.)

Ben came home from CF and I surprised him with some decorations, presents, delicious carb-o-holics dinner, and a sugary must-have-a-lot-of, dessert.  Happy Birthday baby!!
I used to be soooo much better at taking pictures, but now I'm only sort of good.  So you miss the decorations and presents.  I even had a table cloth.  Following tradition, I bought him a new pair of Nike Frees....for CF.
Saturday rolled around and it was "Ben's day" to pick what he wanted to do.  So we:

1. Swam with some new floaties (hers, dawgys, his)
2.  Went to the Malibu dealer
3.  Went to the Porsche dealer
4.  Went to Lowes and got some fantastic new indoor trees
5.  Went on a date to eat ginormous hamburgers at the Blue Burger Grill
6.  Ate frozen yogurt (popping Boba)
7.  Did this all with Joe (he should be a boat salesman.  he is very convincing.)
 The first shot Joe cropped the shoes...had to redo.  But they are both kind of fuzzy (camera error, not operator...it was dark in the room).  My hair grows fast, if you noticed.  I don't know what to do with it?

Over the weekend my sweet Italian Greyhound got sick AGAIN.  I'm not sure what is going on, but I wonder if he ate something outside (even though I'm not sure what he could have found in out little yard??).
Sometimes I have these horrible visions of him frolicking with a frog in his mouth.  Turns out those cute little frogs that like to jump into our pool and bounce around at night, secrete toxins that can kill a dog and can cause humans to hallucinate.  I read that some punks scrape the toxins off frogs to purposefully hallucinate.

After throwing up, avoiding pupperoni, and being sad for a day, he finally turned the corner.  When he is able to eat, the vet recommends scrambled eggs.  :D  It's easy on the tummy.
Gawsh, I was so happy when he was back to begging.  I don't mind it so much.  At least he's healthy!

But that was the birthday celebration week for Mister Buhr.  I hope it was fantastic because he means the world to me and I would do anything to make his day [and life] as fantastic as possible.  He is the greatest guy I know!!  Until next year...Happy Birthday!!


  1. Happy Birthday!!! Looks like a fun celebration!!

  2. Happy birthday to Ben!! Looks like you had an awesome surprise planned for him :D
    Glad that your puppy is feeling a little better, it's always so sad when dogs get sick.