3 (x2) Things Thursday


Today could be the last triple double temperature we have alllllll year, at 111.  I'm a little torn with the whole summer ending thing.  I don't want the cold weather, but I do want mornings and evenings to be cooler so that I can stop overheating on my runs.  Last year we had a higher power bill in January than in July.  We don't like being cold.

We will miss you, monsoons.

I finally got to open presents after our busy weekend, woot woot.
Greg, whom we ran the Disney races with, gave me an awesome gift... (Elder Hales be jealous)
Ben contributes to my shoe collection.  I sure love that about him!  These are beautiful!!!
These ones below have to go back.  :(  They are my first of the brand which apparently run a WHOLE size small.  So yeah, if you order Taylor Says, go UP in size.  Crappy thing is they don't have my size anymore....so... sad day.
Taylor Says have sweet soles.

Last month we sent Elder Hales a care package.  We figured he deserved a kind gesture from his sister and BIL after he sent us a 50 cent gift card for our birthdays, with a note that said "hehe".  This care package appeared to have all sorts of goodies in it (even a BMW and full box of oreos at the bottom).
 Most of which went in my own belly, or are still in our pantry.
We got his letter since receiving our gift of love.
"I got insanely excited about the BMW and all the awesome food & candy.  I first read through the blog posts right away [we send him the blog posts each month], since I had time to right before bed.  AWESOME.  I then decided what I should eat first.  YOU SUCK!!  haha  I was so excited, then we started laughing when I pulled out the trash out of the jolly rancher box.  haha you've set the bar high..."

We will be sending a real package here shortly, but this was pretty freakin' funny.

In April (four months ago), I went brunette on top with under highlights + purple so I could avoid paying for touch ups every six weeks.  My prolonging plan indeed worked, obviously, but I finally went back in.  There is even more purple and blonde underneath (that you can't see here).  It is awesome and I love it.  Thank you miss Tara.

Ben booked our 3rd anniversary celebratory race.  Should I dress up again..hmmm...
That's all.  Have a great Thursday!  I went from months of extreme work overload to now under-loaded, which makes me crazy.  I wish I could enjoy the down time, but I can't.  I'm weird.



  1. Our power bill is opposite the most in the summer months and less in the winter months. I am jealous I want all that junk food...haha!!

  2. Lucky girl! I'm pretty sure I saw those Taylor Says shoes on an episode of Project Runway last night. They are so cute it's a bummer they don't fit.... and I totally think you should dress up for your 3rd anniversary celebratory race :)