9.14.13 <---- 2nd Parental Wedding in 1 Year!

Here are a couple more pictures of my dad and Laura's big day, September 14, 2013.

They had the reception /open house the night before the wedding.
They were married in the Bountiful, Utah temple at 11:15am.
After the wedding ceremony we all hung outside and waited for the bride and groom to come on out and make their official debut.  The weather was perfect!  It was a tad chilly, overcast, with the sun occasionally poking through.  It rained later in the day so I think that means they still get the rainy wedding day good luck, right?

Grandpa is so cute.  I'm so happy he could come and we could see him.  I wish I could have caught up with him but he disappeared and now I'm kicking myself.  Ugh.  Love my gpa!!
Us four had a grand ole time over the weekend.  Hanging out.  Squishing in the truck cab everywhere we went.  Grand time.
[My runway skills are sub par, at best.]
Here they come, looking so happy!
The luncheon immediately followed, at Canterbury, where we met up with the rest of the crew.  [Seriously Canterbury is THE BEST minus the dimmer lighting in some areas.]  Aunt Lez sang background music and we all visited and basked in the bride and groom's newly wedded happiness.  It was a pleasant time.  Once again, congrats to the bride and groom!
Any event wouldn't be complete without jumping pictures.
And break dancing.
Today my dad says they are doing great and are very blessed.  :]

Have a nice rest of the downhill to the weekend.  Thank goodness!


  1. Congratulations to your Dad and Laura. The wedding was beautiful and they also have a very beautiful home. Your family always has so much fun! You look like a very fun crowd to be around!

  2. Congrats to your dad!! He looks very happy ;) I love the pics of the siblings! You are all so cute. Please say hi to Jolie for me. ;)