Dumbo Double Dare Disney Race Weekend!!

What a fabulous and memorable weekend!

Friday morning we headed out to Anaheim, about a five hour drive so really not that bad.  We arrived a little after my dad and James' flights, and we all headed over to the Expo.  

I finally got to meet Jeff Galloway!  He is awesome!  I think he convinced my dad to do another full.  Did you know you can run/walk a marathon in under 5:00?
We stayed at the Hilton which is walking distance to Disneyland.  We walked everywhere!  The 10k route ran right past our hotel, where we are standing below.  I was tempted to run right back into my bed and take a snoozer.
Mister Rykar came along and stayed with my sister and her two Iggys.  I think he had the time of his life and was dead to the world asleep the entire drive home.
Saturday we left the hotel by 5am.  This was the inaugural 10k race (6.2 miles) so it was a little disorganized getting into our corrals with the 5k starting 30 minutes prior.  Luckily we had my sister and just followed her wherever we needed to go.
Jolie, dad, Greg (friend!) and I were running the 10k together!  Ben and James took off to run for time, and James puked at miles 5.  haha!  A little friendly family competition.  Ben's official time was a 45:25 and James finished in 46:35

Jolie managed a barrel roll during mile two after tripping on the street reflectors.  She had some battle wounds, but is now looking into becoming a stunt devil.
I look attractive.  Don't be jealous.
After a 2-1/2 hour nap we headed to Disneyland for a couple of hours!  In true Disney race fashion, we wore our medals all day.  Apparently that is what you do, which was fun, because when else do you wear a medal?
My birthday was on Sunday, but they gave me a birthday button while we were there on Saturday.  I think I got wished Happy Birthday 100 times.  I swear every employee we saw would say something.  Disney is awesome and my birthday was awesomer because of everyone there.
The birthday treatment isn't too shabby... walking onto Radiator Springs.
The forecast said it was going to cool down about 10 degrees for the half after a sweltering 10k race, so even though I felt like that 10k was a lot harder than it should have been given my training, I still was feeling pretty confident about my ability for the 1/2.  I can run in the heat, but I cannot race well in it.

On 1/2 marathon day, as soon as I woke up I checked the weather and the temps had fallen three degrees, not ten.  It was 78 and humid at 3:30am and I was really unhappy because I felt like all my bigger race days are fluke weather days, and this was not typical of Cali at all from what I was told.  I am too hard on myself on race day, so to avoid a frustrating experience, I told Jolie and our friend Greg that I wasn't going to run with them and that I was going to hang back and enjoy the course.  The original plan was that Greg was going to pace us to a sub 2.

The 1/2 was better organized and we slipped into our corral about 30 minutes prior to the 5:30am start.  My sister sang the National Anthem and it was just awesome.  She really did a great job!  I was pretty nervous for her because that is a hard song to do, especially acapella in front of 20,000 people, but she rocked it.
Then we were off!  James took off to be fast like he always is.  Peace out.  Jolie and Greg took off too.  I hung back but passed Nsyc's Joey in the first half mile.  :D  Ben and my dad hadn't signed up for the Dumbo Dare so they only ran the 10k the day before and spectated the 1/2 (which I know Ben regretted).
This was my first Disney race weekend, and the course was amazing!!  Running through an empty Disneyland when it is dark out and the lights are on, Worlds of Color is on, Car's Land, etc., was definitely an experience.  I remember turning the corner to run right towards Car's Land all lit up and I was like, "OMG I LOVE LIIIIIIFE."  

Running through the park made the first few miles pass quickly.  I pulled my arm sleeves down over my Garmin and just ran for feel, something I should do more often.  I saw Ben and my dad right out of the park.  :D  I was happy to see them!!  HI!!!
Just before mile 6 I gave into the constant urge to peak at my watch and was thrilled to see that I was on track to a sub 2:00 race.  Miracle!!  I really thought I was running 25-30 seconds per mile slower based on my 10k feel.  I decided to kick it up and go for it after all, and trust my training.  I was feeling pretty good and the sun wasn't up yet so I knew I could do it if I fueled like mad.

One other favorite point was entering the Angel's Stadium during mile 10, with all the cheering people and seeing myself on the jumbo screen.  That was just awesome.  So many rejuvenating moments.

Miles 11 and 12...slightly boring.  The sun came up and the struggle slowly began and I started focusing on my watch too much worrying that my effort levels would change and I'd let the sub 2 barely slip away.  The pace got harder and I knew I should have fueled a little more, or even opened the second waffle stinger shoved in my bra (fail), begging to be eaten and stop chaffing me.  I kept an 8:50ish pace and walked the aid stations to cool.  I.  Got.  This.  Must maintain a 9:09 average pace.  Done!

James finished first of our group in (official time) 1:43:47.
Jolie got confetti shot off when she crossed!  She finished right before the 2:00 mark!!  Greg took off during the last mile and finished a minute or so prior.
I finished seconds later.  My official time: 2:00:34.  :P  I thought I had it, and my Garmin 13.1 split I did have it, but I knew I was in some serious time trouble when I couldn't even see the finish line when I hit the half marathon mark on my Garmin, and I had just over one minute to find it and cross it.

I had 13.3 miles for the course so it's officially a no.  I'm okay with that...this time.  I still have my eyes on Tucson.

Two lessons I learned were that starting slower is definitely the way to go (duh), and I need to believe in myself because I know I'm capable of much more than I give myself credit.
I like to hit the lap button at my exact race distance and this time 13.1 = 1:58:51.  My overall Garmin and official times were the same.
Ben won't be spectating again.  Watching everyone run really motivated him to set some good fall goals with running (can he get that sub 1:30?).  Yay!!

Next up?  Las Vegas!  Actually, hopefully there's something in between if I can talk our wallet into some more and the local weather cools a bit.  It still only gets down to the high 80s at night.
The Dumbo Dare-ers received three shirts and three medals!
That was an epic weekend!!  I would LOVE to do another Disney challenge.  Can we rewind to last week?!

Have a fantastic rest of the week!  Holiday Mondays always make the week that much better.  Happy September!


  1. Your sister did an amazing job! Good job Christy!! It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend.

  2. So fun! I love that your family does this stuff together. Makes everything more fun! Jolie has such an amazing voice! Congrats on your race!

  3. That is so awesome! It ALMOST makes me want to start running...

  4. I can tell that you enjoyed yourself! The only thing that was not great was the weather which is completely out of our control. Congratulations on hitting your goal. I saw you did! I always pick up the course around 13.27-13.33 for some reason. You looked so cute!

  5. What a fun Birthday weekend! Great job!

  6. How fun! It looks like a fun race!