Freaky Fall

Happy fall!!

Summer has officially dwindled, so that means we're getting close to [Halloween, Thanksgiving] Christmas!  I can't wait until November when I can blast Christmas music without being judged.  Overflowing with Christmas cheer for more than 1.5 months should be invited behavior.  Christmas rocks.

Yesterday we didn't even hit 90 degrees on our first day of fall.  It was really a beautiful, breezy day!  Last night it got into the 60s and was pretty cold when I took Rykar out this morning.

The weather has been cool at night that one morning I went all "fall is in the air!!" crazy, and opened the windows and door.  Oh this is so nice now.  Long forgotten are the triple double temps or record 120 degree days.  I love EVERYTHING about Arizona!

Then this happened...
This crafty you know what, found his way in through the window.  LAME!!  I went hunting for them the night before and couldn't even find one outside.  This creeper found a gap in the window screen.  I assumed screens left no gaps, but they do... or ours do.  But not for long do they.

Only things that glowed on my hunt were my nails.

The heebie geebies faded over the duration of a couple of weeks, and I eventually gained back my confidence in Arizona.  I love everything about Arizona!!

Then this happened...
It's kind of gory.  My apologies.  :(  I don't mind snakes so much... unless they are rattlesnakes in my front yard.  I realize we live in the desert, and in a newer, less-developed area with many open fields and nearby preserves, but this is NOT SAFE.  [I do know Rykar's vet carries the anti-venom.]

Well, I love most everything about Arizona...
I love Arizona Winter??

An always fun thing about the temps cooling back down (besides no scorpions and other desert creepers) is we get hot air balloons flying overhead!   Reminds me of childhood living in Kansas City.
Another always fun thing is birthday shoes.  I returned my amazing Taylor Says since they run very small.  :(
I had to pick a new pair, and it just happened to be a Buy One Get One 1/2 when I did so, so I got two pair and still saved a dollar.
Every shoe has a different awesome sole.
And these beauties...

We are six weeks away from our next 1/2, one of these two:

I've slowly been adding some more aggressive pacing into my runs because I'm ready to progress and I have a good base.  When I run faster my legs usually object, and this time hasn't been any different.

I haven't run 7:30-8:00/miles in a long, long time, and last week I was stoked to push myself.  However, my IT band is SO TIGHT.  I have been stretching and rolling but it's rejecting recovery in the time frame I gave it.
I had to quit 1/2 mile into my long run Friday because of my knee.  UGH.  That lead to pure diet disaster for the weekend.  (Seriously, I had two Smores Frozen Hot Chocolates.)
I pushed my long run back a day, but this weekend we had fun guests come stay from Thatcher (the Sandaus!!), so I decided to nix it.  It's stressful, but a couple of days sure beats a couple of weeks.

Ben is running on a schedule for the first time in life!!  I'm so excited for him to tackle that sub 1:30 half.
That's really not all.  But that's all for now!  Have a fantastic Monday, especially since it's practically over.  :]

Time to test out my left knee.


  1. You and your shoes! Super cute!! I hope that knee feels better soon. The best thing is to rest. I know it is tough but I pay attention to every little ache and pain that I have and I take no chances. I don't mind sitting out for a week if I have to if it is going to keep me running! Sub 1:30 for Ben! WOW that is awesome!!

  2. Those are some tall GOOD LOOKING shoes. I like them all! and can't believe you found all those crazy creatures around your house- I'd be living/sleeping in fear all the time. yikes!