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It was another really busy weekend out of state.  Friday morning we flew up to Utah because Saturday my dad got married in Bountiful!  13 years of a bachelor life are finally over for him, so we're very happy to see him so happy.  Yay.  My dad deserves to be so happy!

I only snapped a few pictures, so this is the abridged version, thus more are to come.  My sister has the fancy shmancy camera so she gets to be photographer for everything.

The ceremony was beautiful!  We must have not had the right time frame, because Jolie, James, Ben and I were one of the last ones to arrive (haha we totally stopped for Monster on our way there), but thankfully we still were able to sit in the front row to watch them be sealed, which was an amazing experience.  Congratulations to the happy couple!

James forgot church shoes and wore Ben's.  In Cali a couple of weeks ago, James forgot all church clothes and borrowed from a missionary in the ward.  Once when we went to Vegas with my mom, James forgot any pair of shoes and walked around in socks.  Hahaha.

It was wonderful to talk to my cousin and her hub.  They're expecting their first this winter.

Pretend my eyes are open.

What a hunk I married.

The wedding reception/open house was the night before at my dad's house (memory capture fail on my end), but the luncheon followed the wedding ceremony, and it was at Canterbury!!  It was a great day.  We also didn't know if Grandpa Hales would make it, but he was wheeled into the waiting area in the temple, and we all were so happy and excited to see him.

I did sneak up into the bride's room to reminisce our big day when my bridesmaids and I spent time up here.  Our wedding planner still works at Canterbury, so it was fun to see her after almost three years.

We bid our farewells after lunch, and headed to happy valley to see my mom and Jeff.  It's her birthday the 16th so we decided to celebrate, and we stopped at Wal-Mart to get celebratory items on our way.  

We planned to sneak up to the front door so we could blast her with shooters/confetti, but when we turned the corner to her street, she and Jeff were standing on the curb talking to people.  Bah!

So we drove on by and didn't look at them and they totally saw us and my mom started waving like crazy and we were all dying in the truck pretending we didn't see them.  We drove down the street and put on our party hats and attire, drove back to the house, and jumped out and blasted her with party-ness.  It was quite hilarious.

My mom is so cute.  Jeff bought her new handlebars and a cushioned seat for her dirt bike.  They apparently go every Saturday.

If you buy these candles, you must have the birthday girl (or boy) blow them out quickly.
Happy Birthday mom!!

It was a great family weekend time!

This little munchkin spent the weekend at the puppy place.  Since he's neutered, he got to have lots of play time with friends.  He was pretty stoked to see us though.  And in reverse.  :]
Phew.  Now we're ready for a weekend.  Have a happy Monday!

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  1. Looks like you had an amazing weekend with your family! Congratulations to your dad!! & Happy birthday to your mom!!