Halloween Happenings

I pulled the trigger and chopped my hair!  To make things scarier, it was by a new stylist!!  There is a nice salon five minutes from my house, so it just seemed to be a good fit rather than take half a day off work to driiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive.
I went in for a consult last week, and went in to get it chopped days later by Eddy.  Better pictures coming soon.  I'm still learning how to do it.

Lately it has been pretty amazing outdoors!  Perfect running weather (I hear).
We're getting closer to our next race, and Ben is still doing great with his training!  Rykar and I stop and give him water along the way...
I'm fairly certain that Ben still has a broken big toe (back from March) and its caused some new grief this weekend, so he finally got it xrayed yesterday.  TBC...

Also, on Monday I ran!!  I did two miles running with plenty of walk breaks (every .1) that took one hour and two minutes.  :D  I'm hoping it is a start to my comeback.  I'm still hoping to run the 1/2 of a 1/2 Vegas.  I have hope.  I will try another run/walk combo on Halloween!

Being injured blows.
I told Rykar (below) to stay on the path, so he would leave one paw on the concrete at all times.  He's such an adorable little smart-aleck.  He used to do the same thing when he wasn't allowed on the love sac.
Moving right along...  

We've never done anything fancy for Halloween.  In 2009 we almost went to the Adventuredome at Circus Circus with some friends, but other than that attempt... we're basically lame as.

This year we decided to change that and go to "Phoenix's Zombie Walk."  Ben loves Walking Dead and this was a parade of thousands of zombies downtown, Walking Dead style.
Right here (below) we were walking down the street and the big church on the corner was playing its bells, which are really loud.  It was actually perfect for the creepy zombie mood going on.
We ate at Canes Chicken and scared the children there.
I think I look to be a scarier zombie when I'm smiling.  Frightening.  But this was a Mormon missionary zombie (he was an actual Mormon too!).  I asked for a picture and and as we posed he joked, "this is my second wife."  haha!  He had tire tracks all over him.  Clever.
Ben was a waaaaay better zombie than me.  He looked so good.  That blood stains so I chickened out in the facial region.  I did get out my mom's crimper from the 80s to make my hair a mess.
There were bazillions of amazing zombies.  I can only imagine the prep time some of them required.  Next year we know what we're up against.

Last weekend was the Halloween 1/2 my sister, brother and Greg ran up in Provo, Utah.  All three PR'd.  Jolie and Greg ran 1:49s and James ran a 1:32!  That's pretty awesome.  I guess it beats my 2 miler on Monday.  :]

Have a Happy Halloween!

We aren't doing anything extraordinary but handing out candy if we get any trick or treaters.  It is on a Thursday after all, and our only child is a four legged beast who hates his costume, and isn't allowed candy.

But he thinks he can do whatever he wants.  Like move his bedroom into the hallway.
Where I discovered him asleep one morning.


  1. I like your hair. Its really cute! Some people can pull off short hair and you are one of them. ;) I can't believe he hasn't gotten his toe looked at but at the same time I don't think there is anything they can do about it. It looks like there is a lot of orbs or glare in that picture.

  2. You guys look amazing and your eyes are so scary!!!! :) Happy Halloween!