Injured Octoba

I seem to have lost my indestructible and nearly decade old Cannon Powershot!  I cannot for the life of me figure out where I put it, and being so careful with my electronics, it's driving me absolutely crazy.  So for the time being, my photos are cell phone pics mixed with nicer Nikon ones when I lug it along, which I might do more often now.

Our fall weather has arrived (so I suspect the forecast will appear on here frequently).  It has been soooo beautiful here, I just want to spend every waking moment outside.
Ben and I are enjoying eating on the patios before it gets too cold.  We have been trying to explore new options each week, and this past weekend we went to North at Kierland Commons, which was delicious.  We want to live in a sweet loft there.  (Basically we want to live everywhere.)
This (below) is actually from Gordon Biersch.  It was delicious and I want to go back soon.
Less than clear pictures in my pink pants and shoes I was given on the day I got engaged...
As for our training lately...
Ben is right on track!  He Crossfits and won't like ever miss a wod, so still getting all his runs in takes some true dedication and running in the dark (where I require lighting up like a Christmas tree JIC.)

I'm sidelined for the moment, while we try to get to the bottom of this left leg problem.  It really has me down.

Lately I've been reminded of what a big part of my life is dedicated to my love and hobby of running.  I even get little jabs of jealousy when I see someone prancing the streets on their evening run.  But I will be back soon.  Vegas 1/2, we're still coming for you.

For the time being, instead of my runs, I...

Watch "Spirit of the Marathon" on Netflix.

Force my pup to eat. 
 That is why he kept getting sick this summer!  "Empty stomach syndrome."  Who knew that existed?

Find more cute shoes.
From Nordstroms.

Try out Rykar's Halloween costume.
A hand me down from his doggy mama, Kiya (hence being a cowGIRL).

Make it obvious there is a screen door separating the indoors from the outdoors.
Because Rykar likes to face plant into it.

Bake 7 Layer Bars
Twice, because they are that good.

Actually make my hair cute.
Instead of end the day with saturated running hair.

Open all the windows now that we assured our screens are sealed tight.
Jamming water bottle caps into the sides is a temporary fix.

Go to It'sugar, Lulu and Sephora.
Lululemon is the devil.

The only scorpion I'm okay with.
The best mascara on the planet.

Countdown the days to the Olympics 2014.

Get some work done.
Have to pay the bills.

Last but definitely not least, watch General Conference.

Also, here is a link to my sister's awesome YouTube channel which explains what we believe, in easy to understand ways.

Have a fantastic Monday!  My ma is flying into town, so it'll be an extra fun week around here.

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  1. I hope that leg gets better soon! I know how damn frustrating injuries are especially when you can't quite figure out what is going on. It looks like you are staying busy and hanging out in all the right places though! I didn't know that "Empty stomach syndrome" even existed in dogs. These dogs sure keep is on our toes! Rest up and heal so you are ready for Las Vegas!