Mom Comes to Visit

My wonderful ma came to town.  I took the afternoons off working and we'd pick an exploration of sorts and just go for it.  The timing was pretty perfect with the weather, and on top of that, I am working through my leg injury and still am not able to run, so my mind was busy not thinking running this week (for once).

We hiked Squaw Peak.  It was her hottest AZ visit day, like in the 90s, so why not go bake on the rocky mountainside while exerting ourselves in the hot sunshine.  I'm an awesome planner.  :)
I've mentioned Squaw Peak is like going up 1.25 miles of bleachers.  This pic (below) depicts that a bit.
Garmin elevation for the Summit Trail:
I can see Ben's office from up here.
I took my mom to a bunch of fun malls around the valley, including the creepiest of creeper malls on the planet.
I dared my mom to play chicken with the fountains.
I will let you be the judge as to which mall the pics (below) came from.  Maybe it's normal to shop for caskets at the mall...?...?...?
We found this amazingly inexpensive and slightly hidden store at Desert Ridge called Xi.  We have no idea how to pronounce it so we call it "chee" or "ex-ee" and "ex-eye."  :P  We decided to scout out another of its locations, and that's what lead us to the casket-mall.

I'm a little bothered I didn't know about Ex-eye before now, as we just moved from Desert Ridge.  It's priced like Forever 21 but better quality and less teeny bopper (I love F21, don't get me wrong, I will shop there all day long).
We spent one afternoon going through some model homes which is always so much fun.  I took my mom to our favorite builder around here, Pulte.  She loved.  I will not grace you with millions of model home picture fun, though.
It was cold this day so it called for hot chocolate.
One day we had lunch with mister Ben before heading downtown Phoenix to check out the State Capitol.  I LOVE any city, so this was fun to explore a little bit.

Presenting Arizona's cool State Capitol (and surrounding areas).  Tadah...
LOVE the sky.
So, funny story:  I typed the State Capitol's address into my GPS and it took us to this building below.  "Oh.  Well it's sort of really lame."  We photographed it anyways.

We went inside and through the museum and eventually came out the "back doors" to discover that we had parked and taken pictures at the boring actual back side of the building.  So it is pretty cool after all.
The Capitol no longer houses the legislature because it's way too small.  It's quite a bit smaller than Utah's Capitol, but also older (1900).  They have turned it into a free museum!
"Get along!"
My mom's last night here we went out to Kierland Commons to Greenehouse, a restaurant that shares a kitchen with North (from last week).  It was so delicious.  
Most of our pics from the night ended up fuzzy so I'm not bothering to post.  But I wish I had a back view of this shirt I'm wearing because I'm obsessed with it.  (Bought at Ex-eye.)
My hunk!
It is always a lot of fun when my mom comes to visit.  Even though I still worked some, it kind of felt like a vacation week for me too.  Thanks for the visit mom.  We miss you already!
Including this guy.  (He kept wandering into your bedroom after you left.)

Have a happy humpday!


  1. That is a serious hike! I would not be able to make it! Your mom is so beautiful and you are too! I always love your pictures. How is that leg feeling?

    1. Thanks Sandy! My leg isn't doing the greatest, but I'm consistently working on it every day. Hoping to be back running really soon.

  2. I can't believe there is a Walmart in a mall. That is crazy!! That model home looks gorgeous! I want it!!