The White Mountains + Chopping My Hair?

This weekend we went to visit my mother in law in the White Mountains, about a three hour drive.  Ben and Joe did some work around the property, and the girls and I hung out with my pup and Minda's three cute and crazy Chihuahuas.
When we left Phoenix, there were loads of hot air balloons out.
It's a colder climate in the woods so it called for a sweater.  This dog breed is often found completely dressed from head to toe because they are so skinny.  Like, doggy snowsuits, doggy turtlenecks and even jeans.  I'm serious.  Check out IG #italiangreyhound if you want to see for yourself, the cuteness.
Chihuahuas definitely have attitude [and pipes].  Two of them (including the 2 lb-er below, Tashi) kept growling and barking at Rykar who could care less.  I forget how mellow and quiet my pup is.  :]  Ragan sure loved the little Tashi.
These girls were terrified of all puppies until spring time when their parents cured their fear by getting one of their own.
Now they LOVE them.
Meanwhile Ben and Joe workin' hard...
On the way home you drive through the mountains with a lot of elk warnings and elk crossings.  It was dark and I was nervous because we saw one as road kill, and they are giant.  30 minutes later we blew past a huge one standing on the shoulder of the road.  Yeah, we slowed down after that.  Creepy.
 In other news, I'm in a hair slump.

I'm ready to take the plunge of chopping it into something with more personality.  Ben LOVES the Posh bob, so he is quite fond of the idea.

2-1/2 years ago I had it cut like it is below.  I loved it, but it grows so fast and then I moved to Arizona and needed the summer pony tail [and a new hairstylist to trust].
I'm thinking of the same cut with some stacked layers on top.  I'm afraid of layers.  They add body, but they also add a go-every-way-but-the-way-you-want, aspect to fine hair.

We shall see.


I have been avoiding running related things for awhile, but this weekend I found myself glued to recaps of the Runner's World 1/2 weekend!   It looked amazing.  

One week until I get to test out the left leg.  It has been a very long 4+ weeks, and I feel like all my hard work is gone.  Before getting into that frame of mind, my focus is to get back to being pain free!  Then we'll go from there.
We still have a race in four weeks for our anniversary celebration.  It's going to happen!  Even if I have to downgrade my distance and run/walk it.

My brother, sister and our friend, Greg, are all running the Halloween 1/2 this upcoming weekend, in Provo.  It is a fast course so I am hoping to see three shiny new PRs!

Have a great week!!  10 days until Halloween [and 11 until I start blaring my Christmas music].

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