3 Years, 3 Nieces and 1 Christmas Tree

Aside from my little pink shoe tree, this year we bought our first Christmas tree since being married.  (We didn't buy enough garland though...)
I haven't yet posted this picture (a pre-Thanksgiving Christmas tree can be more controversial than Obamacare).  Our tree has actually been up over a week, but Ben said "you're not allowed to post pictures for a few weeks."  I made it a whole week!  I've impressed myself.

This Christmas tree makes me so happy in the mornings all lit up while it's still dark out, and it reminds me that we are days away from family time and the holidays are rapidly arriving.  Last year I was too absorbed in work to soak them up.  This year will be different!!
We're also one day from our 3rd wedding anniversary!  Tomorrow is the day and it will mostly be a normal weekday, but we are very close to our little celebratory anniversary race we have planned.

Posting one picture turned into a couple.  What an awesome time!  We both can't believe it's already been three years.  We are very blessed and I am very, very grateful.  What a total hunk.
Even though we'll soon celebrate, I wonder if the actual anniversary deserves take out sushi, regardless of being a weekday.  I'm going to go out on a whim and say yes.
This past weekend we watched our three nieces and got a taste of having a full-fledged family.  They are pretty dang cute, I must say so myself.  "Aunt Cwisty, why is your Cwistmas twee up?"
I came home from a baptism, and the house was in slight to high chaos and Ben was exhausted (he did most of the watching).  He fell asleep on the floor.  lol  However, I don't think Rykar has ever been so happy in his life.

His end result:
I'm starting to comeback from my biceps femoris knee issue and I ran six miles last week.  I even ran one mile unbroken, pain free.  It's slow, but I don't mind.  Progress...
I'm downgrading to Vegas 1/4 and have 100 minutes and my goal is to finish, pain free.  I will be a happy girl if that happens.  Ben is running the 1/2.  He would like a sub 1:38 this time around.

Since I haven't been able to run, I have been spending about as much time absorbed in running material, stretching, rolling, etc.  And I finally made a running blog!  It is currently private as I'm working on it still, but the address will be highheelsrunner.blogspot.com and I will note when it's public (blog name by my clever husband).
90% of our meals are from Pinterest, and I also love making the treats.  The latest hit are rice crispy treats but substituting crushed up oreos for the rice crispies.  Oreo Treats?  Oreo Crispy Treats?  Either way, amazing...

Have a wonderful week!  Friday in 4...


  1. Love the picture with ben being passed out, totally understand. Same happen to me when Mike's 2 nephews were here for Christmas last year :)

  2. Those oreo treats look ridiculously amazing! Also, I was kidding when I said I couldn't like your picture yet! Christmas it up girl!

  3. I can't believe you already have your Christmas tree up. I don't even want to think about Christmas just yet. I think if I had our Christmas tree up I would get sick of it before Christmas.

  4. Your Christmas tree is too cute! I love how you guys decorated it! I think we will probably put ours up the day after Thanksgiving.. Maybe? I don't know. I don't see what the big deal is about putting your tree up early, they are gorgeous and so festive. How can you not be happy about that? Ha ha!
    Happy almost anniversary! The photos you posted are absolutely gorgeous!
    I had to laugh at that picture of Ben passed out. I know that feeling all too well when I have all three of our boys. Kids sure can wear you out!
    Those Oreo treats look freaking amazing. This is going on my MUST MAKE list!

  5. Love the pictures! You were the most gorgeous bride ever! Love the dog! Love that you ran 6 miles! Happy Anniversary!