A Bad Day Remedy

Yesterday was our anniversary, and it was a very nice day!  I wish every Tuesday could be like yesterday, complete with take out sushi.

But today has been a terrible day (please note that I'm VERY, VERY grateful, but I am also human and have bad days.).

Remember this day when my work computer crashed?  Fast forward to a mere 13 days after my beautiful new work computer warranty expired (aka today), and?  Happened AGAIN.  

I do have amazing luck with computers.  It is my only computer with an AutoCad license, and I'm in the middle of the most involved project of my career thus far, this:
It has been a stressful day and that wasn't even all that made the day dwindle towards the crapper.  But enough.  I found an amazing remedy...

This website always helps.  Awwwh.

I hope this helped better your day too.

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  1. Awesome post! I could add at least 10 pictures like this, my dog is great, but he is obsessed with the trash can and some days we forget to close the pantry door and he literally east the trash can. Thank Goodness he is cute! Hope tomorrow is a better day for you!