5 Running Goals of 2014!

Update:  Shortly after setting these goals, we found out we were pregnant with our first lil Buhr!  Around week 18 my running took a halt and I solely focused on CrossFitting as per my doctor's encouragement to avoid high-impact activity, which I have chosen to follow (I am a worrier).

2014 will be a year of pregnancy and coming back strong, but the goals below have been tossed out the window for a minute!


I posted this on my new running blog, where I can rave about my obsession as much as I want.  :)  It is private to myself and Ben while I decide what exactly I want to do with it, but will make it public in a couple of weeks.  For now I copied the post below...
2014 arrives in just over two weeks!  That being said, Ben and I have spent some time creating all sorts of goals and resolutions for the year.  I have also come up with some running specific goals for the year...
I took this picture at a fairly busy street corner while deciding if I wanted to continue on my current route or not.  There was a creepy looking guy with his hood pulled up, that I'd be required to pass, and he kept looking back at me.  (I re-routed LOL).

Mileage Goal:
I was trying to come up with a # of miles to run in 2014, and decided that I would run the distance from where I live now (ish) to where I grew up (ish).  Or the distance from Phoenix, Arizona, to SLC, Utah.  The total mileage is 706+.

Technically it's over 100 miles less to go through Lake Powell, but this time I'm routing through Vegas.

That is just under 60 miles per month, or 15 miles per week which is easily attainable as long as I can stay off the injury list [and avoid being lazy].

Race Goal:
10 races of any distance!  Racing is really expensive, and we like to run them together which is a lot of fun, but also doubles the cost.  This year I hope to run 10 races of any distance (and possibly 3 Rock 'n Rolls with the tourpass Ben and I would like to purchase).  I neeeeed a PR.
Some likely options:
January - PF Changs Rock 'N Roll 1/2 (complete)
March - Phoenix 1/2 (sick)
April - SLC 1/2 (complete)
June - Beat the Heat 5k
November - Scottsdale Women's 1/2 or Phoenix 1/2
November - Las Vegas Rock 'N Roll 1/2
November - Local Turkey Trot?
December - Tucson 1/2
December - Jingle Bell 5k

Personal Record Goal:
If I commit to a marathon this year, I am fairly certain I will get that PR!  But either way, I would like a PR in any distance.  B goal is TWO PRs, but one will make me happy.  It has been awhile since I've run faster.  Besides the marathon, I think the distance I'm most likely to PR in is the 1/2.

Consistently Cross Train Goal:
A simple concept, but when you would rather run than spin, Zumba, CrossFit or lift weights, sometimes it is a hard concept to keep in motion.  I know I will benefit from this immensely.

Set a personal course record at the SLC 1/2:
This one shouldn't be too hard to do as long as we get some cooperating weather (something that we have lacked the past two years).  It's not a PR course, but it is my home town race that we run as a family, and is SO FUN!

SLC 2013:

SLC 2012:

As much as I'd like to add a full marathon to this goal list, there are too many factors to completely commit right now!  One being that I am not certain that my knee will cooperate when the time comes to increase my long runs.  I sure hope I'm over the bulk of the problem, but better safe than sorry.


  1. Great goals for next year!!! There might be smaller local races which are cheaper. Have you thought about trail running, usually they are low key and very affordable. 2014 sounds like fun!!

  2. Those are some good goals to chase.I am hoping to PR in the marathon too! I will be running Las Vegas too so I will see you there!