Christmastime Is Here

  • Our house smells Christmas-y.  We don't have a real tree so I melt a big pine candle down into everlasting Reese's PB cup portions for our Scentsy.  Our house will probably still smell like pine come summer.

    • We bought our (definitely OUR) two favorite Christmas movies.  I think Home Alone #2 is my favorite.  Christmas Vacation is a close 3rd, but I like them all.

    • The weather took a dive in temperature, requiring fun extra scarf/beanie layers, everybody covering their plants/yards with sheets, and remembering our furnace hasn't been turned on once in two years (insert$dread).

    • Drinking hot beverages, like hot chocolate and spiced cider, become a part of our daily activity and somehow work their way into becoming my breakfast.

    • We hung up Christmas lights!  Next year we will figure out how to hang lights on the roof since we don't have a gutter in the front and don't really know how to attach them to ...non-gutter.  Maybe next year we will also plant a tree in the yard that we can also decorate.

    • We play background Christmas music throughout the house all day long, even though I work at my computer while watching [Christmas] movies all day, which occasionally drowns out the music anyways.

    • I wear the fuzzy Christmas socks that grandma always used to buy us and I still cherish.  I say, "Christmas socks," in a Mr. Bean voice, every time I put them on.

    • We eat Christmas cookies more than we probably should, and plan on running/working out extra to work them off.  These Pillsbury Pumpkin Cookies are pretty freaking good.

    • Church is in its prime with Christmas themed lessons all the while we get to sing all Christmas Hymns and practice Christmas songs in choir.

    • I get to play Christmas music on the piano, for hours, a huge highlight of the season for me.  (This is my sorry attempt at showcasing a Manheim Steamroller music book.  The fun thing about Manheim is you can play along with the CD because they are in the same key!)

    • We make big plans with our family and get psyched about family traditions that are creeping near.  These guys are pretty stoked to get together...

    • I add Christmas music to my playlist.  I think about wearing green and red when I'm running, or a Santa hat.  And we start seeking out Jingle Bell runs (found one!).

    • We all start to think about our goals for 2014 and can't believe it's going to be 2014!!  Not to mention Christmas is exactly two weeks away!

    Christmas is my favorite time of year and possibly our favorite time of year now that Ben has had a few seasons living with his Christmasize-everything, wife.

    I hope you're having an enjoyable Christmas season with your own traditions, whatever they may be.

    Happy humpday!!


    1. I think that candle thing is a great idea! And that soup and cookies look delicious. You always make me hungry with your post. ;)

    2. That candle idea is genius!
      We use screw in hooks for our Christmas lights :)

    3. Love how excited you are!!! ENJOY!!

    4. You are so cute! I love Christmastime too! Also, thanks for sharing the soup recipe...I've been in a bit of a slump with cooking good meals but that looks so yummy I plan to make it tonight! :)