Thanksgiving Times

Ho ho's officially Christmas time, the happiest time of the year!!  (...unless you are Rykar and have to be dressed for the occasion.)

We have been enjoying our holiday time off work with some yummy snacks now that the weather has gotten cold.
Caramel whipped topping = delish.

Along with:  
Going through boxes from my childhood days and finding funny journals with entries like these:

Finding pictures of my elementary bff Melanie and me:

Going to Cold Stone for free ice cream:
Because ASU beat UofU in football and my boss lost the bet (my husband is an ASU grad).

Making a new medal hanger which I think is really cool!!  (Made by Ben.):

Obtaining a FREE picture from the Vegas race (sadly Ben missed this camera) and free race pictures are rare to come by:

Admiring the sweet sunsets:
Sunday driving around yet another place we want to live...this massive house on boulders.  (We are like 10 million dollars short.):
I don't believe AZ to be a likely candidate for an earthquake.  Let's sure hope not.  We couldn't get through the gate so we couldn't capture the complete amazing-ness of these boulder-built, 9 car garage, valley overlooking pool, homes.

And last but not least, Thanksgiving!

It seems to be a growing tradition where I fail at capturing Thanksgiving memories and just live in the moment while soaking up all the things we are blessed with:  family, friends, inlaws' inlaws that have us over for Thanksgiving each and every year (thank you!!), our missionary brother, our lil pup, our health, a beautiful nearly scorpion-free home, Christmas music, sunshine, a welcoming ward, running and other hobbies we can do together, etc.  We are truly blessed.

Living in the moment is necessary, but my brain is terrible at remembering things like it used to.  Next year I will step it up and have something to show other than pictures of my freaking cute Italian Greyhound.

This year was our 3rd Thanksgiving in Thatcher.  Poor Ryke woke up sicker than sick so that was crappy when he threw up in the car.  :(  Another bout of "empty stomach syndrome."
Usually he's better in a couple of hours after he eats something, but with the long car ride and crazy day, it lasted all day until I force fed him.  Walah... all better.  Magic.

After Thanksgiving dinner/lunch/whatever, the tradition is to shoot rockets off and the kids run after them as the rockets parachute down into the surrounding cotton fields.  This is something I think my mom's family would totally do.  We all sit around to spectate.

My inlaws have a new fluffy, cute puppy, Tucker, who was rather enjoying our dog/my fluffy boots, so we spent a lot of time going on walks.  :]  Haha!
...all around our old stomping grounds.
And hanging out on their front porch enjoying the weather...
It was a nice Thanksgiving and somehow it has come and gone just like that.  And we didn't get a group pic.  Shoot.  Next year.  Definitely.  :]

Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving!


  1. sounds like a perectly relaxing and fun Thanksgiving to me!

  2. That house totally reminded me of Radiator Springs (Cars Land)! Did you have to tell us about the Caramel Whipped Topping? Now I have to go out and find that stuff! Sorry that the baby got sick. Rykar is just eh cutest thing. I love him and he isn't even mine. Yes, free races photos are awesome! I thought I scored a deal with my favorite race photo for $7.99! I love the no play, play journal which kind of reminds me of my run and no run days! Take Care:)