Monday Musings - 3 Days Until Christmas!!

This boy.  He kills us!!

I wanted to get him used to sunglasses sooner than later.  Apparently he has no problem with them and his cousin Eddie beanie.  We bought him a suit for his blessing that's coming up and also had to buy him all sorts of other cute things (like winter apparel!  and Chucks!).

We took him on our first family run which was our own version of a "Jingle Bell Run," since most Saturdays I still opt to take a morning nap since Ben is home!

We tried out the jumper for the first time.  If I put it on the very lowest, he can touch the ground.  haha!

Hi little buddy!

I have a feeling a lot of his naps are going to be on me for the next week or so.  But I'm okay with that.  He has grown so much in just three months that I am realizing people were SO RIGHT.  Soak it in.  

Somebody told me, "don't wait for the next.  enjoy every moment."

Our little baby boy is HUGE now.

We went to Kierland Commons and I wanted to have his picture with Santa but the line was so long and it was freezing.  I feel like such a crappy mom but Ben assures me B has no idea.  haha

But there are still a couple of days left to hunt down Santa...

I also got a new hairdo that will first require me to learn HOW to do it.

Yes Halo you are much more affordable than Socap!!  ;)

Well I can't believe there are 3 days until Christmas.

I'm going to miss everything about it including my choice of pen colors.  :]

I hope you have a Merry Christmas!!

Raisins are not dessert.

I started a diet a couple of weeks ago to kick off the holiday season and also to help retrieve my abs sooner than later.  I realize that I recently had a baby, but as long as my milk supply doesn't falter then I might as well.  Being patient is not my forte.

I like to look at the day's food plan and find something dessert like that excites me to look forward to for the day.  I'm a Hales, and us Hales's have an insatiable sweet tooth.  Back in college one of my boyfriends even made an analogy, like my dad "eating a stack of cookies," which my dad sometimes did all at once.  Regardless the meal plan yesterday had raisins.  RAISINS.  How disappointing.  Raisins are not dessert.  RAISINS ARE NEVER DESSERT.

^^That is dessert.

Ben brought home a Santa cookie for me to consume when I throw the dieting out the window for the holiday break, but whatever, we both ate it after dinner.  lol  Then I took a 3 hour nap!  The day was full of many Christmas miracles.

But to my credit, it's been kind of a rough week functioning let alone making meals.  B did almost a three hour stretch in his crib last night, which is a record by almost two hours since we stopped the swaddling last month.  It's hard to stay motivated when you're behind 300 hours of sleep (no lie, I did the math ha).  My diet accounts for no Mountain Dew which is where this enters the program:
Minty, caffeinated gum that I bought on Amazon.  Genius.  I only chew one a day but it goes a long way for me since my caffeine consumption has always been fairly low.

It's a good thing baby boy is so incredibly adorable.  GOSH I LOVE HIM.

He is a great night time sleeper, just not in his crib.  I wish there was a magic trick to teach him that his lonely, hard crib mattress is his favorite.  :)

On a completely separate note, today marks 5 years since Ben proposed to me so I have to do a shout out.  I LOVE YOU BEN!!!  You can read about it here if you care to.  I still haven't made the old blog private.

Have a nice weekend.  Only 6 days until Christmas!!!  This is the best week of the entire year.  Soak it up!!

Three Months!

Bentley is three months old!  He now weighs 12 lbs 12 oz (35th percentile still) and he's 22.5 inches long!

He's been wearing 0-3 month clothing, size 1 diapers, and we just packed the newborn stuff away this weekend.  *sniff sniff*  He's more than doubled his birth weight (but hey, he's still wearing the socks he came home from the hospital in below.  Holding on to that last memory of newborn-ness).

He has started to laugh and grin.  Lately when he has been eating I have had to stop making eye contact because he will just grin at me and he won't eat!!  He thinks it's so funny and it's freaking cute.  I always try to get it on camera but my bejewled phone case becomes so distracting.

We've ventured out more and it gives me a feeling or normalcy.  He spends so much time gnawing/slobbering on his hands that I don't like people to touch them.  Luckily most people are aware of the unwritten meet-a-baby rules.

We stopped swaddling him with his arms in because he has started to roll over in his crib and I want him to be able to push himself up once he's on his stomach (um hello, to breathe!).  I loved LOVED wrapping him up like a little burrito and am sad those days are behind us so soon, but he is slowly adjusting to having his arms available to flap around at night (read: slowly).  His startle reflex is close to gone but his arms still wake him up and then he realizes, oh, I'M HUNGRY.

We are still getting up every 1.5-3 hours at night and he really just isn't a fan of the crib at all.  

We put him on acid reflux meds which made a big difference and he has stopped screaming while he eats, thank heavens.  Poor guy.

He focusses in on objects and we've found he enjoys watching a movie or looking at our cell phones with us.

He is able to grab at rattles and hold them and he has such determination when it comes to his hands.

He can hang out in the Bumbo now.  Sometimes I refer to him as bobble head joe.

Cutest co worker I've ever had:

^^Eminem B

^^I think it's safe to say he's my kid. 8)

He's still pretty easy going and happy.  He fusses for the usual things and does the really sad lip thing that gets me every time.  He is learning how to get our attention and will cry for us to get him and then immediately starts smiling as we pick him up.  What a little chucklehead.

We love him if you cannot tell!!

An Arizona Thanksgiving


It was so wonderful!  We hosted in our home for the first time.  The turkeys were pit roasted (I think that is the proper terminology) from Thatcher (THANK YOU), and honestly, I think that's the only turkey that I actually look forward to eating.  SO GOOD.  

Ben chef'd up 90% of the rest of Thanksgiving.  He likes to do it and he's an excellent cook!  If I was in charge we'd all end up at Mimi's Cafe.

Which we did.  

On Thanksgiving day.

Our family Thanksgiving celebration was the Saturday after.  My mom plays the piano every Thanksgiving day so we postponed our celebration.

We, mostly they^^, played card games, we watched Home Alone, which 1 and 2 are my favorite movies on the planet (although I only scored 90% on the Home Alone quiz), we hung out and it was so great to be together.  I am just so thankful for our families along with so much more.  Like, the opportunity to be a mom to our little baby boy.  He brings so much joy into our home.

Ben and I missed our Turkey Trot because I got next to no sleep that night.  Bentley recently started rolling over in his crib so I have stopped swaddling his arms, and now those flailing limbs keep him awake.  :/  He's slowly re-adjusting and did much better last night.  He still has some of the startle reflex.  But PROGRESS.

Trying to be cool...

We went to church and got to sing Christmas hymns = my favorite.  B wore a vest/tie onesie that my brothers wore 20 and 27 years ago.  So cute.  We have a box of baby/toddler clothes that Ben wore and I am so excited to bust them out.


We went through a lot of model homes and for a small second I half considered moving again.  It just sounds like so much work but some of these models are so amazing!  It is a fun and free activity that leaves you [coveting] inspired.

The pose.

Everybody has since gone back home with exception to my wonderful ma who is helping around here this week.  :]

This picture cracks me up.  B wanted to bury his face.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!