3 Things Thursday

I got a new-er haircut (more stacked).

A typical moment in Rykar's work day...

My new crosstraining/CrossFit shoes...

My new goal is to get back to taking quality pictures with my Nikon.  I miss my camera and Deviant Art!  JimmyJames I miss your images too.

Happy almost Friday!
[Finally!  Longest week ever!]

Race Day - P.F. Chang's Rock 'n' Roll 1/2 Marathon

This past weekend we ran the PF Changs Rock 'n Roll 1/2 marathon right here in Phoenix.  It's a pretty big race with 25,000+ runners and thousands of spectators.  This was our first time running it!
This race was also the second half to our Desert Double Down Challenge (Vegas+Phoenix) and our first race with our Rock 'n Roll Tourpass, 2014!  (My pics seem to be a little hazy.  I think perhaps my lens was dirty...probably sweaty.)

Minutes before the start, I looked down and realized I was wearing Ben's bib!!  haha  I was totally about to give him a slow PR and he was about to give me a new speedy one.  Too bad I noticed.  I totally would have claimed that...
I really hadn't paid attention to the elevation map prior to the race, but there was some unexpected climbing, one hill to note at mile 9.  However, the final miles were all downhill which was pretty awesome, especially considering it was getting warmer out.
I started feeling my knee around the 5k mark, but it held out until the elevation change was a little more drastic.  I ended up taking the downhill slower so I had a major positive split at the race.  I guess I'm not over the knee problem, but I still had a lot of fun.  I kept my pace pretty easy around a 10:30 throughout, finishing in 2:17 and change.

(Update:  We also secretly knew I was pregnant so I was watching my heart rate which started to climb once it warmed up.)
The course wasn't anything TOO exciting, but there were some pretty parts with some gorgeous desert scenery!  I'll admit that a majority of my focus was on my knee and trying to run on the flattest surface possible, so I probably didn't pay enough attention to my surroundings.  I really hate when I do that!  The miles went by quickly though, and I had 13.17 for my course.
Ben ran an unofficial 1:37:xx and fared pretty well before sitting next to the finish line (waiting for his wifey) before being informed that his timing strip was resetting.  :/  Bummer.
Kind of funny but I looked up Ben's race photos and there was ONE photo of "Ben."  lol  Wtf.
We went home and I took a multi-hour nap, while Ben tried to get the guts to hang out in the 49 degree pool.  hahaha  (Our little niece actually went out on a floaty over the weekend...after sunset.  Brrr.)
We both plan on doing this one in the future!  It was a lot of fun and being local always is a huge bonus.  My only complaint is I wish it would start earlier than 7:50 because it's always sunny in Arizona, so you can basically bank on getting warm towards the end.  That alone means I will probably never run the full PF Changs, but a 7:00am start would have been perfect for the 1/2 start.

The sun was already up and the temps were low 50s at the start.  Chilly and perfect for a minute.  I wore a fashionable trash bag.

[I have about 150 miles on my Newtons and I have really loved them.  Even at a race I don't get blisters, sore toes and I don't ever think about my feet while running.  They are amazing and it's fun to see more people wearing them.]
Traffic getting in was really heavy, but you kind of have to expect that with these races and just give yourself plenty of time so you aren't a stress case.
At the expo they had the tour pass medals on display.  This one (below) you get after you race 10 races.  It's huge!  With the tourpass you get an additional medal each race you complete.
All in all it was fun and big, and the medals were pretty cool.  We'll definitely be back next year!

At the expo we signed up for the Phoenix 1/2 which is in about five/six weeks from now.  I know there is a cap on that one so it may sell out this week if any locals want to run it.  It will be our first time, but I have heard that it's awesome.

Also we'll be doing the Color Fun Fest 5k on March 15th here in Phoenix.  We've never done a color type run before but they always look fun.  You can get tickets for $25 (instead of full priced $60) with promo code PHX25BUHRS.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Flashback Friday

I recently discovered boxes with dvds /cds that were back ups of old computers.  It sure is fun to look back at some of the files and pictures.  [Well ...fun for me.  Possibly boring for some of you.  :P  ]


Rykar was born in 2003 right after my highschool graduation.  Even though we had never had a dog, I announced to my dad that I was going to bring one home!  My dad was like, "well.. okay!"  

My two younger brothers still lived in the family home (where I lived throughout college) so Rykar became the family dog.  Best decision ever.  Also, our next door neighbors took in his only surviving sibling, Jake, so they grew up together.  [Pointless fact:  Jake was also the name of the owner of Kaiya (sp?), the mommy Iggy.]

We did a short stint in Spokane, Washington, but these pics below I believe are from our Kansas days, where my dad did his residency.

We moved to Layton, Utah, in the late 80s and put down the roots.  Layton is my "home town."  We moved again in 1998, but only about five minutes away.

Sharlee (super blonde on the right) and I became best friends at age 4 and even cheered together maaaany years later.

Dallin came along in 1994 and I loved him and took care for him as if he was my own child.  He was freaking cute.  I want a kid just like Dallin.
That's definitely not all, but that's all for now!

Have a happy Friday!!!

P.F. Changs in 2!!