3 Things Thursday (Running Edition)

  • A week ago I got a new toy and it is a LOT of fun.  It's the Garmin 620!  I have been programming my workouts into it and it beeps and tells me what to do and when to do it, and then it spits out a lot of data [which is fun for my nerdy side].

I'm thinking about selling my trusty 110 and buying the new Asics Noosa Tri 9s.  I haven't decided if I want to keep it as a back-up for awhile or not.  It has been with me for quite some time and logged some lovely PRs.

  • We're registered for SLC Marathon and 1/2 on team Run Like Hales.  It's not too late to start training for it!!  3-1/2 months to go.  There is even a 5k if preferred.  And they changed the finish line again!

  • Just as I'm feeling confident that I'm getting over the fibular head pain in my left leg, I started getting symptoms of Runner's Knee!!  I think it's all tied to the same issue, and running with a Patella Tendon strap makes a big difference while I get to the root of the problem.

Tree stumps make good calf stretchers.  (I kinda wish we had an actual tree though.)
Just to put it out there, it's not normal to be injured as much as I've been.  I have just been unlucky.  The rest of my family never get injured.  They aren't nearly as obsessed as I am, but they still race a bunch.  Running is so addicting and I will never give up on it.

Happy Thursday!!


  1. Your Garmin sounds very cool. I've had a couple of older ones in the past. Can't remember the model number. But they weren't nearly as cool as the 620. Do you have to wear a heart rate monitor in order to get the heart rate results? My old Garmin came with a strap to wear around my chest, but I never used it.

    Good blog. Keep up the good work.

  2. Yeah for signing up for races, that is always the best part! Being soo excited and planning the trip and starting a new training cycle :) I hope you will be running injury- and pain-free very soon!! Sending you tons of fast healing thoughts!!

  3. Hey cuz! Luv the new arm candy. I've had my Garmin 305 for YEARS and can't bear to part with it yet. It's slightly large (as all old electronics tend to be) but it still gets the job done and has been my trusty friend for some successful runs. Enjoy!

  4. So you finally gave in and bought the 620! I am so proud of you :) All of the data that is gives you is pretty crazy but I am a numbers person so I really like it! There is one thing that I don't like about the 620 and maybe you know how to fix it. Most of the time I am that crazy runner who doesn't stop at red lights (don't tell anyone) however there are times when I do have to stop. When I stop my watch to wait at a signal it wants to save the data and restart the run. It has happened to me so many times!

    Have fun at the Salt Lake City Half. I have always wanted to run in Utah but the elevation part kind of scares me. I was thinking about entering the lottery for St. George this year but I am not sure yet!

  5. What a bummer about your knee! They told me I had several things and it turned out i just had a tight itband! Now i stretch 2x a day plus before/after running. I wish you luck!